Vienna City Guide


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Vienna Travel Tips

Vienna has everything you would expect and so much more. Yes, here you can find the most beautiful churches, palaces and countless museums. Yes, here you can cry your heart out during a classical music concert or opera. Yes, here you can eat Apfelstrudel and Wiener Schnitzel. But there’s more!

Vienna is hot and happening! The walls in Vienna are decorated with the coolest street art. Vienna is packet with trendy hotspots, unique concept stores and fashion boutiques like S/GHT in district 7.

Vienna is multi-culti! Did you knew that 1/3 of the residents has a foreign cultural background? You can tell by tasting the delicious food in town. Try snacks from the different cultures at the Naschmarket or eat Asian food in the nearby hotspot On Market.

Vienna is a paradise for the coffee lover! The city recently counted 564 coffee shops! Caffee Modul in district 8 is perfect for a coffee to go. Try the home roasted coffee from Kaffee Fabric in District 4. Or treat yourself with coffee and yummy cookies or pies at the hotspot Pure Living Bakery in District 3. O yeah, good coffee everywhere!

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