- Tulum City Guide -


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- Why we love Tulum -

Tulum is a great seeside place at the most eastern point of Mexico. A true paradise with beautiful spots along the white beach, with dreamy views, cool fashion shops and trendy parties. After the best combination of a beach walk and shopping you can treat yourself with a nice meal at one of the seaside hotspots of Tulum. The best place for a romantic dinner is Casa Jaguar. This trendy restaurant with a nice tropical ambiance serves the most delicious food. Enjoy a healthy breakfast at the stylish hotspot Posada Margharita, and stay for a lazy afternoon. Go to dowtown Tulum to check out some nice bars. Order a nice cocktail in the stylish hipster bar Todos Santos. Tulum is a place more than worth visiting. We’ve selected the coolest hotspots for you in our Tulum City Guide.

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