Rio de Janeiro City Guide


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Rio de Janeiro Travel Tips

Samba City Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil and is located in a wide bay. It’s a city of contrasts. Rio is known for its poor slums (favelas), but also for the big famous carnaval and trendy neighbourhoods. It is an impressive and colourful city for sure. For the nice small streets with cool street art, bars and restaurants you have to go to Santa Teresa. When you visit this trendy district, then drop by Bar Do Mineiro, a favourite lunch spot for the locals. You can taste all sorts of nice local specialties. Looking for a relaxing spot to rest after a long stroll? Go to Cafecito, a trendy rooftop bar where they serve good food as well. Neighbourhood Lapa is the place to be to experience the Rio nightlife. Check out one of the nice jazz clubs or samba the night away. Wepa! Discover the best hotspots, restaurants, hotels and things to do  in this Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide.

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