- Marrakech City Guide -


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- Why we love Marrakech -

Oh Marrakech! If I had known that we would be such a good match, I would have traveled to you 10 years earlier. Marrakech is by far one of my top-5 destinations for a city trip less than five hours away. The colours of the city, the merchandise in the souk and the beautiful riads where you can stay. I fell in love with this magical city.

Feel free to plan a day or five in the city so that you can also spend a night in a tent camp in the desert to stay there. What I like about Marrakech is that you wander around in the busy Medina, but you can also really unwind in one of the resorts just outside the city and create a holiday that is all about relaxing at the pool.

From now on, I intend to go back to Marrakech and Morocco every year for a dose of inspiration that you can use all year round. In this Marrakech Travel Guide you will find my favourite hotspot in a row that I think you want to know.

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