- Lyon City Guide -


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- Why we love Lyon -

What could be the main reason to go visit Lyon? Well, maybe just because it used to be the capital of France and is the capital of food!
History seekers or food addicts? Le Vieux Lyon is made for you for les “Bouchons Lyonnais”, the typical cuisine Lyonnaise, but also for the numerous Irish pubs and the Cathédrale de Fourvière right next to the neighborhood, greatest edifice in town with its incredible view on the city.
Don’t worry hipsters; Hôtel de Ville and its streets dancers in front the Opera until Croix-Rousse, the little Montmartre of Lyon, was made for you. Just walk in les Pentes de la Croix-Rousse and check all the cool cafés, concept stores and vintage stores, les “Fripes”.
TIP 1: If you have the time, check the food and book market on les Quais Saints Antoine every week end. There is no better smell to awake your senses and your creativity early in the morning than on the quay sides.
TIP2: Food lovers ? Go check Les Halles de Lyon. You won’t be disappointed… I personally never was.