- Kuala Lumpur City Guide -


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- Why we love Kuala Lumpur -

The Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpur is a surprisingly modern city and is characterized by its many skyscrapers. The residents are a nice mix of locals and expats and results in an international vibe in the city. A trendy area to visit is Bangsar. This is a popular area for expats and is full of cool restaurants and coffee bars. Drop by Hotspot Plan B for a nice cup of coffee. It’s a trendy place with industrial interior, where you can chill out with a drink or enjoy one of their tasty dishes in the evening. Lots of nice restaurants are collected between Jalan Jalan Telawi and Kemuja. Looking for a good hotel nearby? Then the lovely Hotel Pullman is highly recommended. They even have an outdoor pool, yeah! Want to know which other trendy hotspots Kuala Lumpur has to offer? We have listed the absolute must-sees below in the Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide.

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