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Citizen Fox Mons: hidden patio for drinks and bites

15 July 2015

the perfect shopping break at Citizen Fox Mons

If you’re going to Mons (Bergen) then there will be a moment that you feel like having a few drinks. A Belgian beer with some bites. Of course you could sit down at one of the terraces at the big market. But it’s a lot more fun to sit down somewhere that perhaps not everyone knows of. Like Citizen Fox!

Citizen Fox Mons

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Citizen Fox Mons

The guys from La Fabrique des Singes at Rue de La Coupe recommended Citizen Fox. A spot that you’d easily walk past if you don’t know it. Through a gateway at the Rue de la Couple you’ll find a courtyard with a biergarten-esque terrace. Enjoy your Belgian beer here after a day shopping.

Tip: this spot is said to be cool for drinks in the evening too!

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Citizen Fox Mons

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