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6 x movies you want to see in the cinema this September

21 September 2017

want to go to the movies? these ones are a must see!

Summer is over and a new (movie) season has arrived. YES! It’s time to go to the movies now that there are more rainy and colder days coming! We listed the best movies to see this month in the cinema. Movie night with friends or a date with your lover, you want to see these movies!

Where you can watch these movies? We named it for you! But of course these movies play in more cities than just Amsterdam. These are the must see movies for this month.

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6 X movies you want to see this month

These are six movies that you want to see this September. From thrillers to the real deal feel good ones.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (from September 21)

Yes! The second Kingsman film plays almost in the theatres. This time our heroes are again faced with a big challenge. When the headquartres are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads to the discovery of a related spy organisation in the States, called Statesman. In this new adventure, organizations must learn to work together to beat their common enemy and save the world…

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé De Munt


In Istanbul hundreds of thousands of street cats all have their own story. For years, these cats have fascinated the city residents. In this documentary you will spend an hour and a half in the world of these cats. Finally you can find out the story behind all those cute street cats you tried to take with you in your suitcase on holiday.

Cineville: De Balie, Rialto, Cinecenter, FilmHallen, Het Ketelhuis

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky tells te story of brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan who are working on a plan to commit a robbery during the legendary Coca Cola Cub NASCAR-race. They ask for help from jailbreaker Joe Bang, however, he is still in prison. What follows is a spectacular escape from jail and a bizarre attempt to ran off with the booty.

Pathé: Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City,  Pathé De Munt
Cineville: FilmHallen

IT (from September 7)

IT, based on the bestseller of Stephen King, is about a horrifying clown who has been hunting us for years. When in the little town Derry, in the state of Maine, people keep disappearing in mysterious ways, a group of young kids have to face their biggest fear. They have to deal with the Pennywise clown, who has been killing for centuries.

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé De Munt
Cineville: FilmHallen

Girls Trip (from September 7)

Four youth friends decide to go on a Girls Trip together, because they haven’t done a lot of fun things together lately. They travel to New Orleans and they have the time of their lives: dancing, drinking, laughing and flirting. They get to know each other all over again and find themselves in bizarre situations. That sounds promising…

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé De Munt

In Blue (from September 14)

In this complex story the Dutch stewardess Lin meets the fifteen-year-old Nicu, a boy living in the underground tunnels of Bucharest. She then becomes engaged in a confusing relationship, which balances between friendship, mother-son relationship and love. The more they grow to one another, the more clear it becomes that Nicu’s scars go a lot deeper than she thought and their lives are miles apart.

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé De Munt
Cineville: Not known yet

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