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5 x movies you want to see in the cinema in March

8 March 2017


It’s March already and that means a new list with the best, most impressive and funniest movies for you to watch this month. We love old school movie nights with drinks and bites before and after. It’s still one of our favourite ways to relax for a bit. For all movies we’re telling you where they show in Amsterdam but of course you can watch them in movie theaters in other cities too.

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Today I’m sharing the 5 cinema movies who can’t be missed in March. Think of movies where you’re probably going to laugh a lot and movies that really get you. Have fun!

1. Lion

The 5-year old Indian boy Saroo Brierley accidentally ends up in a train that brings him thousands of kilometers into India. He has no idea where he comes from or where he is. Eventually he ends up in a orphanage and gets adopted by an Australian couple. When he’s 30th years old he tries to find his family in India without no idea how to start or where to go. Will it have a happy ending?

Pathé: Pathé City, Pathé Tuschinski
FilmHallen, Cinecenter


2. Tuintje in mijn Hart

Axel (Leo Alkemade) is a real Surinamese, but has been living for 20 years in the Netherlands, likes mashed potato and the bonus card. When his mother wants the family together for Christmas, Axel and his wife travel back to Suriname where the real adventure begins. A fun movie to watch with the family!

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé De Munt

3. Logan

Hugh Jackman shows his claws one more time in the new movie ‘Logan’. A tired Logan takes care of the sick Professor X in a shelter on the border with Mexico and is trying to hide from the world. Until he crosses a young mutant that’s on the run for her dark powers. Let the games begin!

Pathé: Pathé Arena, Pathé City, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: FilmHallen

4. Loving

Loving tells the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a white man and African-American woman who married in 1985. They got expelled from the state of Virginia. For nine years they fought for the rights to live as a family in Virginia and against the opponents of their marriage. A beautiful movie that makes you thinking about how our rights are organized right now.

Pathé: Pathé City, Pathé Tuschinski
Cineville: FilmHallen, The Movies, Studio K

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5. Skull Island

A team of adventurists are coming together to explore an unknown island. This island is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the domain of the mythical Kong. A movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, perfect to watch with your lover.

Pathé: Pathé Arena

Tip: don’t forget to check our list with the newest restaurants in Amsterdam. Your movie night is complete when you have good food right?!

Have fun watching!





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