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6 x movies you want to see in the cinema this July

3 July 2017

want to go to the movies? these ones are a must see!

YES, summer! It doesn’t matter if the sun shines and your on the terrace all day already or if you’re hiding for the rain inside, going to the movies is always a go! We listed the best movies to see this month in the cinema. Movie night with friends or a date with your lover, you want to see these movies!

Where you can watch these movies? We named it for you! But of course these movies play in more cities than just Amsterdam. These are the must see movies for this month.

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6 X movies you want to see this month

These are 6 movies that you want to see this July. From movies with a lot of action and the real deal feel good ones.

1. Retour en Bourgogne

This movie is about two brothers and their sister, who manage their family’s vineyard. But the 3 of them also need to find their own ways in life. They try to keep the family business going, but that’s not always easy. We’re immediately in the mood to book a trip to France!

Cineville: FC Hyena

2. Dunkirk

Dunkirk is a war movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, known for The Dark Knight and Interstellar. It starts when hundreds of thousands of British and Allied soldiers get singled by their enemies. They are facing a difficult situation. What are they going to do? The enemy keeps getting closer…

Pathé: Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City
Not known yet

3. Viceroy’s House

Viceroy’s House takes place in 1947, when the British domination in India has almost come to an end. Queen Victoria’s great grandson, Lord Mountbatten moves to New Delhi together with his wife and daughter. It is his duty to oversee the country’s transition to independence. But it all doesn’t go that smoothly. A must see movie about love and politics.

Cineville: Not known yet

4. Baby Driver

When a talented and young getaway driver, Baby, meets the girl of his dreams, he wants to stop living a criminal life. He has to do a lot of assignments and one that’s doomed to fail. He puts his life, his love and his freedom in danger.

Pathé: Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City
Cineville: Filmhallen, Kriterion, FC Hyena

5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the princes of the Amazones, yet also a trained and invincible warrior. When a pilot crashes onto the beach of the island she was raised at, she hears about the conflict that’s going on in the outside world. She is convinced that she can stop it, and leaves the island to fight in the war and discovers her powers and her true destiny.

Pathé: Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Pathé Arena, Pathé City

6. Certain Women

A movie about 4 strong women, all stubborn and a bit lonely as well. The lives of these 4 women, two lawyers, a farmer and an (overambitious) mother, cross paths. Laura is a normal, down to earth lawyer and gets into a fight with one of her clients. Gina is a mother and wife, and does everything to make sure she can built her own home, and the farmer falls in love with Elizabeth, who is a lawyer as well and gives evening classes to adults.

Cineville: Not known yet

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Have fun!

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