China Town Bangkok


Food tour in Bangkok’s China Town!

20 September 2014

Discover the colours and best food of China Town in Bangkok

Yes, every tourist goes there on a trip to Bangkok. And that’s because you just have to see and experience it! Walking through China Town in Bangkok or cycling wit Co van Kessel is a great way to discover the life on the street in Bangkok.

During the day the streets are full with shops that sell almost everything you can imagine. Most food are things you’ve never seen before. In the evening these shops close and the food stalls come out to create small restaurants in every alley.

If your stomach can handle it, it’s a great experience to taste the local Thailand!

China Town Bangkok

Your Little Black Book listed some of the best Chinese eateries and st street-food stalls in China Town for you:

Street: Soi Phadung Dao – Chinatown Bangkok

1. Seafood Paradise
A famous seafood street side stall just a few steps from Shanghai Mansion. This food stall sells a selection of shellfish and other seafood.

2. Kiya Meng Khanom Waan 
For the most delish (and super sweet) Thai deserts Kiya Meng Khanom Waa is the place to go.They say the sweet potatoes with ginger are the best!

3. Kui Jap Nai Ek 
Located in the same place as nr. 2 Kui Jap Nai Ek is known for its traditional rise noodles. Also very good pork dishes.

China Town Bangkok
China Town Bangkok China Town Bangkok
4. Yim Yim
This food spot is around for years and famous for its crab claws baked in a clay pot and sashimi.

5. Chinese Mooncake
You either hate it or love it. One of the best places to get a bite of Mooncake is located on the corner of Mangkon Road.

6. Shangarila Restaurant
A bit further down Yaowarat you find this restaurant which is perfect for a quick bite. They serve stir fried dishes over fried rice or noodles.

China Town Bangkok China Town Bangkok
7. Thai Heng Hainanese Cuisine
They say that Thai Heng Hainanese Cuisine is the best Hainanese cuisine in Chinatown.

8. Khao Tom Plaa
For a good soup you turn left onto Ratchawong Road until you reach a Khao Tom Plaa shop.

China Town Bangkok
China Town Bangkok
China Town Bangkok

Kanmatuyaram Street – China Town Bangkok

9. Chay Po Rice
One of the rarest dishes in China Town is chai po rice. With chopped grilled duck, chopped crisp-fried pork, chopped chicken legs and more unusual ingredient ;-).

China Town Bangkok
China Town Bangkok

Mangkorn Road – China Town Bangkok

10. Jay Puy Curry Shop
On Mangkorn Road you find the famous curry shop called Jay Puy. It looks like every other ordinary shop, but this little street side restaurant has no tables. And still it’s super busy!

11. Nai Mong
For the best fried shellfish you have to check out Nai Mong. They have oysters and mussels prepared in pure dishes for you.

China Town Bangkok China Town Bangkok

Plaeng Nam Road – China Town Bangkok

12. Khun Thot’s kun chiang
You see them all over China Town. the Chinese style sausages. At the ancient shop Khun Thot the sausages are made by hand.

13. Khanom Jeep Wat Yuan
Close to Khun Thot you find a vendor selling Khanom Jeep. Chinese steamed dumplings!

14. Jay Loon
Located in a narrow and dark alley off Plaeng Naam road is Jay Joo. A local favourite serving up real Chinese food cooked over charcoals.

China Town Bangkok China Town Bangkok

On a city trip or stopover I always like to explore the different neighbourhoods by foot. Also if you’re in a city for more than 2 nights it’s fun to stay at different hotels! A great hotel for your stay in China Town is Shanghai Mansion. A hotel in the style of Shanghai during the ’30’ies. Shanghai Mansion suggested all the great spots in this blog post to me! Tips from locals are always the best :-).

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