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10 x the best chicken in Amsterdam

30 June 2016

the best places for the most delicious chicken in amsterdam

Does your mouth also starts watering when you think of a delicious piece of tender chicken? Well, it does over here! Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Amsterdam who feel the same way as we do. So that’s why we’ve selected the nicest restaurants with 10 x the best chicken in Amsterdam for you!


This place has everything that makes us happy: a vintage interior, open kitchen ánd delicious food. Yes! The fried chicken with cabbage is our favourite. But we also love to come back here for the chocolate mousse with orange wedges ;-) And we’re not the only one, so do not forget to make reservations!
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Rotisserie | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

This is one of those hotspots where you can easily bring your friends to! The vibe is always right here and the chicken is not only soft, but affordable as well. And that combination is never wrong ;-) And extra fun: on Thursday and Saturday they also serve cocktails. Cheers!
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Kip in Amsterdam

De Biertuin | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

Organic chicken from the spit? Hell yes! And that’s why we go to one of our favourite places: The Biertuin in East! The terrace is a perfect place to spend your summer days. Our all time favourite and must try: the farmers chicken with fries and olives. De-li-cious!
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Kip in het IJ | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

Small wooden tables, soft lightning and a spit behind the bar with roasted chickens. Yes, we love the cute interior of Kip in het IJ. Mmmmm! And extra sweet: here they serve organic chicken that’s affordable as well. You’re not that much into chicken? They also serve delicious cheese fondue!
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Kip in Amsterdam

Van ‘t Spit | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

Oeeeh! Are you also so excited to eat chicken simply with your hands? Van ‘t Spit allows you ;-) Their half chicken with corn is a true feast. But we would also come back for the cheesecake ;-) Tip:  fancy a tasty chicken, but don’t want to go out for dinner? There’s also take-out at Van ‘t Spit!
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Youpz | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

Youpz brings us the perfect combination: chicken ánd lobster. How nice! And here the menu has so much more to offer. I mean, besides the lobster, the chicken with melted cheese and sambal is my favourite. Tip: order all something else so you can share!
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Braai | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

Yes! BBQ time! At Braai your tender pieces of meat are prepared on South African coals while you watch. Like! Our favourite? The chicken piri piri. And if we’re there anyway…. the humus with grilled vegetables is secretly nearly as tasty ;-)
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Kip in Amsterdam

Eastside | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

At Eastside the food tastes even better than it looks likt ;-) And that’s something over here. For chicken in Amsterdam this sure is a must visit. And the New York hotwings are soooo good, bet you’re going to lick your fingers. Ooops!
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Smokin’ Barrels | chicken IN AMSTERDAM

We just love the terrace at Smokin’ Barrels! It’s one of the best spots on the Beukenplein. And the burger with crispy chicken just tops it all off ;-) But you can also choose the platter with all kinds of different snacks. Than you have all the goods in one place ;-)
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Don’t have time to cook? Dan DIS will do it for you! You can go here all day long for freshly made seasonal dishes. Recommended: the Norman Sateh with lemon and chicken is just sooo good! DIS can cook every day for us.
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