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Chefs Poulet & Frites Amsterdam: the best fries and chicken in the Rivierenbuurt

26 September 2016

upscale fries and chicken at chefs poulet & frites amsterdam!

We all know the situation: the sudden food cravings for a good portion of some golden french fries. You have two options: go to the nearest snackbar for quick gratification or upgrade your sinner evening with the better version. For that last one, we already have Par Hasard in De Pijp. But also the Rivierenbuurt has an option for upscaling now: Chefs Poulet & Frites Amsterdam!

And there’s more good news: Chefs Poulet Frites Amsterdam has more to offer than just really good fries. Everything is made by the owners – thee sisters – themselves. That means homemade fries, mayonaise and apple sauce. And of course, like the name already suggests, chicken! You can choose between a half or  a whole French farmhouse corn chicken with lemon herb or a half or awhole Dutch chicken with piri-piri spices.

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But that’s not all the chicken they have. They also have drumsticks, chicken meat balls, chicken soup and chicken stew. In other words, Chefs Poulet & Frites Amsterdam isn’t just a snackbar, but an extensive rotisserie. Do want want a roasted chicken for tonight’s supper? The address of Chefs Poulet & Frites is Scheldeplein 20 in the Rivierenbuurt!

Chefs Poulet & Frites

Scheldeplein 20

Amsterdam (Rivierenbuurt)


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