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8 x tips to find flight tickets that don’t make you go bankrupt

9 May 2017

how to book cheap Flight tickets in 8 steps

We get jealous with that one person who always gets a good deal when they try to book flight tickets to New York for only a couple of hundred euros or flies with a low-cost airline for €19 to Berlin. We also want to know about these flight deals! What is it that they have, luck? Or do you just need to know the tricks? The prices of flight tickets are changing more often than the looks of Lady Gaga. Every time you want to check, the prices are changing or have changed.

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You know that moment when you finally found cheap flight tickets and only one day later the tickets doubled in price? It’s, of course, a question of supply and demand in the fluctuation of prices, but fortunately, we now know the tricks to find the cheapest tickets. 

With these 8 tips from my book Wanderlust it will be alright!

8 X the best trips to score the cheapest flight tickets

  1. Check different websites: before you book your flight you should visit your favourite airlines. After that you can take a look at the price comparators. Some of these website have a price alarm which will send a notification when the tickets you looked for are at their cheapest.
  2. Flexible days: most searching machines have the option to set up your search to flexible days. This will save you a lot of money because some days are cheaper than other. For example, Wednesday is one of the cheapest days to fly! Also: the longer your trip, the cheaper your ticket.
  3. Airports: airports have a big influence on the price of your flight tickets. Do you want to fly around the world and not pay to much? Than you should let the searching machines do the job for you. When you are flying from The Netherlands, Düsseldorf and Brussel are interesting airports to take a look at.
  4. Best period: because of the digital world we live in, the travel-world  has never been more transparant than today. It’s well-known that the best time to book a flight is Tuesday afternoon. On Monday night the airline updates their prices. There is a big chance the competitor will also react et voilà, that good news for us!
  5. Newsletter: we can hear you think, I already have enough newsletters… But if you want to find cheap flight tickets we can definitely recommend you to subscribe to newsletters from different airlines. They often have ticket sales or they organize a new route to fly to and you can book with a introduction discount. 
  6. Early flight: every time we arrive at 6 AM at Schiphol Airport we think: ‘Why did we booked our flights so early?’ It’s because of the fact that the tickets were a lot cheaper. Just take a powernap when you are in the plain. Once you arrived, you’re secretly really happy you still have all day. Enjoy the sun on the terrace or a nice hotspot!
  7. More than one airline: sometimes it’s cheaper to fly with more than one airline. Fortunate you don’t have to figure it out yourself . The flight ticket machines will do the work for you! Definitely interesting for destinations where a lot of low-cost airlines fly to.
  8. Empty your internet browser: last but not least. One of the most important things you should do before you want to book a flight is to empty your internet browser and after that check for prices.

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