Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam: the tastiest pasta on the Kinkerstraat

eat FRESH ITALIAN PASTA at Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam

Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam is a new pasta hotspot on the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam West. Hmmm, pasta is one of my favorite dishes! Actually, the Italian cuisine is by far a WINNER for me! I could eat pasta, risotto, and tiramisu every night and I wouldn’t mind at all.  I think I’ll eat at Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam quite often on my way home from work. A nice addition to the neighbourhood if you ask me! It’s also a nice change when I don’t feel like cooking and usually order dim sum ;-).

an italian restaurant run by italians

Michele Sabatelli, a real Italian, visited Amsterdam around four years ago. He couldn’t really find an Italian restaurant where you could eat tasty and authentic pasta. And that’s where Casa Sabatelli was born! Sabatelli and his staff are from Puglia, couldn’t be more Italian right?! Sabatelli’s father started a pasta factory and a little store where they sell the most delicious pastas and sauces, years ago, in 1975. Running a restaurant in Italy is difficult, so that’s why Sabatelli moved to Amsterdam.

Of course the products that are used at Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam are from the family store in Puglia. Great story, right?

Casa Sabatelli amsterdam

We really want to try the BUSIATE and PANCIOTTI PASTA, do you?

Back to the food. What can we order at Casa Sabatelli Amsterdam? Besides the well-known spaghetti and penne we can also order busiate, a hand twisted pasta from Sicily and panciotti, ravioli, but bigger. And of course pasta sauces from Puglia.

When you enter the restaurant you look straight into te kitchen. I always think that’s good, because they have nothing to hide. On the high shelves you can see all the different pastas and other delicacies used in the restaurant. On the first floor you can find the real restaurant with a living room experience. Casa Sabatelli means ‘the house of Sabatelli’ in Italian, which is what the owner wanted to create.

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