Cafe Panache Amsterdam: the newest hotspot in West!

Cafe Panache Amsterdam

Wining and dining with good food and pitchers at Cafe Panache!

For hotspots like Cafe Panache in Amsterdam West I would almost move to the otherside of town. Opened just recently, but we have already tried all kinds of dishes here and the menu is definitely approved. That pretty much couldn’t have been otherwise. Cafe Panache is opened by the men behind Americano Bar & Kitchen, Carter Bar & Kitchen, Hugo’s Bar & Kitchen and Franklin’s Bar & Ktichen.

There is however one difference… Cafe Panache is big! And this hotspot is by far the baddest little brother of the bunch. This restaurant would be at home in neighbourhoods like Shoreditch or Williamsburg. And you can imagine… that’s what makes my heart goes faster. The interior is warm and makes me think of a combination of an urban saloon that is urban chic instead of shabby.

Fun detail: the round tables where you can have an enjoyable dinner with your friends. Also nice: the big bar, cute bartenders and the elaborate selection of bar bites if you want to eat something good but don’t mind sitting at the bar.

Cafe Panache Amsterdam

Did you by the way know that Cafe Panache is located in an old market storage at Ten Katemarkt? The entrance reminds me of the one from St John in London. With a cosy porch where smokers can for once stay dry while having a cigarette and where you can have a few drinks after dinner at the front of the place. And that’s definitely recommended, because Cafe Panache has the most delicious pitcher cocktails to share with your friends. A fun evening guaranteed ;-).

Menu x Cafe Panache Amsterdam

It’s really impressive how these men keep surprising us with a new menu and concept. At Americano I’m already a huge fan of the bar bites and at Cafe Pananche also have a lot of options for it. I can already imagine myself with my girlfriends at the bar for a couple of drinks and to order some new bar bites with every round of cocktails.

The menu at Cafe Panache consists entirely out of dishes that you can share with everyone at the table. Nowadays that has somewhat become the standard, but therefore not less fun. As an omnivore I always want to try as much as I can of the menu and shared dining is perfect for that.

Immediately I had my eye on the Pulpo Haze (not to confuse it with Purple Haze, although the sauce does have a purple shade…) and the calf steak tartare. DELICIOUS!! Cafe Panache is super close to Ten Katemarkt and you can tell from their menu. Daily changing meals and a market menu which is a 3-course meal for only € 30,-.

cafe-panache-amsterdam-8 cafe-panache-amsterdam

We are SOOOOOO happy with the menu from Cafe Panache. Full with things I like the most: shellfish and meat. The shellfish off the grill are recommended! Soon the plateau fruits de mer is back to try out… you can always wake me up for it, that’s just how much I like it! Just like the steak of the day (of 800 gram!) by the way.

cafe-panache-amsterdam cafe-panache-amsterdam Tip: make sure you leave some room in your stomach for dessert. Cheese is always good, but the rabarber cumble is even more irresistible! YUM!

cafe-panache-amsterdam cafe-panache-amsterdam

Dangerously delicious! The Espresso Martinis that the men at Cafe Panache can make the best. I can already predict that I’ll be here someday and have this liquid dessert until closing time and end up with tooth pain the next day ;-). That just happens sometimes. Meanwhile I’ve already gotten all my girlfriends hooked on this irresistible cocktail! I’ll be going back quickly with some friends to try out the rest of the menu or maybe to have a few drinks during the weekend. You get the point… we are really happy with this new restaurant in Amsterdam West. Will I see you soon at Cafe Panache?


Cafe Panache Amsterdam

Address: Ten Katestraat 117, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam West
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