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Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam: beer brewery and tasting room in the Old South district

22 August 2013

Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam, not for pussies!

Will Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam make the industrial area at the Karperweg in the Old South district the new place to be? At the opening of Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam the vibe was very cool. True beer lovers with beards cued up next to hipsters, fashionista’s and yuppies at the opening beer tasting. Behind a huge door a simple but fresh white room is decorated with long beer tables and a bar. At Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam it’s all about beers from the tap. At the opening we tasted them all and from blond to dark with names like Misery King and Lipreader. My favourite of the evening is the Green Cap. You’re welcome at Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam from Wednesday to Sunday between 16 and 21 o’clock the tasting room is open for the crowd. This would definitely be something cool to do with a group of friends! Try all the beers and hang out together.

 Menu at Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam

Tap One: GREEN CAP dryhop edition; golden ale 6%
Tap Two: MISERY KING; amber ale 8%
Tap Three: RAGGLETAGGLE; saison 6,5%
Tap Four: HOPBUK; I.P.A. 7,5%
Tap Five: LIPREADER 2012; dark ale 7%


 Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam

Address: Karperweg 45, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam Old South
Website: butchers-tears.com
Pricelevel: moderate
Perfect for: a night out with the guys!

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