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15 x budget travel tips you want to know

9 March 2017

travel smart with these budget travel tips

Traveling is expensive enough, right? I would spend my last penny to a trip, but even then I want to travel in the most advantageous ways (okay, sometimes just not ;)). But every penny you save, means that you can do more and thus travel more! These budget travel tips will help you to save money while traveling, without spoiling the fun. Who knows, maybe you will be able to plan an extra trip this year thanks to these budget travel tips ;) !

Budget travel tips: let’s save some money!

1. Try to avoid touristic restaurants. Rather walk a little longer and you will be able to eat amazing food for a great price at local restaurant.

2. Travel off season. During the holiday season, everything will be more expensive. Not only your hotel, but even the ice cream you eat on the beach ;) .

3. Take the bus instead of a cab. Especially in European countries, public transport is fairly well regulated. Walking is of course even cheaper (and if you ask me: even better!)

4. Everything is cheaper when you travel with a group (group discount ;) ). If you’re not traveling with a group, try to make some friends who want join you on trips and to attractions.

5. Make sure you don’t pack too much. In this case, less is definitely more. Overpacking can lead to paying an extra fee.

6. Look into traveling by train. It’s a lot cheaper than traveling by airplane. Want to save even more money? The night train is cheaper!

7. Do you have a kitchen in your apartment or room? Don’t eat out every night, but try to cook once in a while.

8. Try to avoid all-inclusive hotels. The food is most of the times terrible and in the end it’s much cheaper to eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at local restaurants.

9. Booking a hotel or apartment in a town nearby the city is cheaper than staying in a large, touristic city.

10. Try to negotiate. This is might be quite awkward for us Dutchies, but it’s fairly normal in other countries.

11. Day at the beach? Buy food and refreshing drinks at the local supermarket and bring them in a special bag or coolbox.

12. Fly with a cheaper airline company. Who needs luxurious chairs and meals during the flight, if you can save so many money?

13. Don’t overtip. Only Americans tip 15 to 20 %. Besides, for some bills additional tipping is already included. Check if this is the case.

14. Do you have friends or family abroad? Try to plan a trip around a visit to them. If you can stay a couple of days at their place, this will definetly help you save money.

15. Try to plan ahead, so you know how much money you will be spending. Knowledge is power ;) !

Which budget travel tips are missing according to you? Let me know!


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