15 x travel bucketlist trips that you’ll want to make!

18 July 2016

travel Bucketlist trips that you really need to make

This weather makes me get into the travel mood. I always like to go on an adventure! And in the times we live in, well, the sky is the limit after all;-) There is nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, right? Therefore, we fantasized about the bucketlist trips that everyone should do once. Magical places that you’ll never forget. Destinations that are not only magical, but also mythical. Check this quick list of 15 x bucketlist trips you really want to make!


1. The northen lights >> Bucketlist trips

The Northern Lights is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. To see this, you’ll have to travel to Norway, Iceland or Lapland. But hey, that trip is definetly well spent. Wrapped up in your sleeping bag, you know as soon as the night falls you will enjoy hours of this magical light show. An once in a lifetime experience!

2. Galagapos islands >> Bucketlist trips

The  Galagapos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, nearby South America. Why you’ll want to go here? Because you will find unique species of animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. So exotic! The most important islands are among others San Cristóbal, Isabela and Fernandina.  These islands are super far into the ocean, what the journey towards it is even a great adventure!

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3. Machu Picchu >> Bucketlist trips

High in the Peruvian mountains lies one of the oldest cities in the country, Machu Picchu. A city built by the Incas and so hidden in the mountains, that it has never been found by the Spaniards when they conquered Peru. For that reason, the city has never been destroyed and you can still discover a lot about how the Incas lived then. Like walking on an ancient film set!

4. England in the fall >> Bucketlist trips

It may sound strange, but England in the fall is really a must see. The orange colored trees, fresh air, that cozy feeling when you drink a hot chocolate at a local pub; delicious! And also convenient: close to home!

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5. Patagonia >> Bucketlist trips

Clear blue lakes, snowcapped mountains, vast pampas full of large birds, guanacos and rheas and an ever-changing view. If you’re going touring through Patagonia, then all your expectations will be surpassed. The area stretches across Chile and Argentina and is indispensable for the real wanderlusters.

6. Amazon rainforest>> Bucketlist trips

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. And that’s actually the number one reason you should add this adventure to your bucketlist. Spread over nine countries – Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador and French Guiana – you will find the most scary snakes and spiders here, but also the most beautiful birds and butterflies. Do you dare?

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7. Great Ocean Road >> Bucketlist trips

Do you love roadtrips? The roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road appears to be amazing. Travel along the coast of Australia, from Melbourne to Adelaide, and enjoy the view! Can you see yourself cruising in a cool camper?

8. Easter Island >> Bucketlist trips

An island in the Pacific Ocean which now serves as a model for the entire planet. Because Easter Island was once forested, but there is not much left of the amazing forests. The tribes there have exhausted all resources and therefore Easter Island is often used as an example for the rest of the world. However, history is not the only thing that makes this island special. They are the more than 800 Moai statues scattered across the island that will amaze you. These statues are from the 11th century and are still in full glory on the island!

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9. Taj Mahal >> Bucketlist trips

This bucketlist trip is no nature, island or particular coastline, but a special building in India. The Taj Mahal is the Palace of the Crown. An imposing white marble building that you will absolutely want to see in real life. Because even palaces remain somehow magical, right?

10. Grand Canyon >> bUCKETLIST TRIPS

Do you like living on the edge? The Grand Canyon is the place to be for you, because the view is truely breathtaking. This super-wide and especially deep gorge can be found in the US and Arizona. So pull that walking shoes out of the closet and be surprised by this amazing natural area. The colors as you see them here …

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11. Okavango Delta >> Bucketlist trips

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is the largest inland delta and one of the last great wildlife areas in the world. Here, the Kaffir buffalo, hippos, waterbuck, wildebeest, giraffes, antelopes and zebras live togeather. Through a safari you can discover the beautiful nature, and maybe you can even spot the BIG 5 ;-).

12. Himalayas >> Bucketlist trips

Perhaps the most famous mountains in the world: the Himalayas. Including the highest peak in the world, with the Mount Everest at 8850 meters altitude. The mountains are spread over Tibet, Nepal, India and Bhutan. Climbing these peaks is not for everyone, but it is also gorgeous from a distance, right?

13. Great Barrier Reef >> Bucketlist trips

The largest coral reef in the world must be beautiful. In the bluest water you’ve ever seen, you will see the most beautiful coral species. Not to mention the fish. Finding Nemo has nothing on;-) It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is one of the world wonders. Where to go? Off the coast of the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia.

14. Antarctica >> Bucketlist trips

From the tropical corals to a snowwhite view; Antarctica is maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but you shouldn’t skip this on your bucketlist. Going on adventure at the South Pole is fun for ten! But be prepared, because traveling through Antartica can be pretty tough, physically and mentally!


15. Chinese wall >> Bucketlist trips

We’ll close this list with a classic, literally. The Chinese Wall is a must see for every travel minded girl that wants to discover the world. Don’t skip it!

What is on top of your travel bucketlist? Leave a comment!



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