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BrunchIT Málaga: a not to miss hotspot for coffee and pizza

2 January 2016

This hotspot is the most instagram-worthy in Málaga

If your heart skips a beat when it comes to hotspots just like mine does, BrunchIT in Málaga is a place not to miss out on during your city trip. After a couple of days in Spain and lots of tapasbars, chances are you’re craving for something else regarding dinner for a second. My tip? Go have lunch at BrunchIT. A hotspot with a very good-looking light wooden interior, concrete floors, art hanging on the walls and lots of plants. Most Instagram-worthy interior of Málaga, with a distance! And a very freelance-proof hotspot considering the number of Macbooks which hip Spaniards are hiding and working behind.

Brunchit Malaga


Menu x BrunchIT Málaga

At BrunchIT you came to the right place if you’re craving a good coffee. When the weather is good, find yourself a place near the window and you’ll have the perfect place for some people watching! Chances are you won’t be able to resists all the lovely pies and cakes ;-). I was there for lunch and that’s a straightway recommendation. Apart from several salads, there are some very good pizzas on the menu. We tasted the pizza with gorgonzola and pear and it was delicious, I’m craving it again just thinking about it. Definitely a good combination of flavours to fabricate at home!

brunchit malaga

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brunchit malaga

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