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B. in New York City: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

18 July 2013

”Word up!” at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Last weekend we went to the annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. With big (old) stars like Redman, Lord of the Underground and EPMD (who hasn’t heard from them) this place is rocking it. I’ve never been a hip-2-the-hopper, but who wouldn’t like this awesome festival! It’s because a) you’ll only hear tracks back from the old days, b) average age is 35 (and that’s a positive thing in this case), c) everybody is really relaxed (there is a lot of special cigarettes smoking going on. Redman himself said it was ok, so….) and d) it’s at a fantastic venue (views on Manhattan). Everybody is rapping along EVERY song. Impressive! The audience gets crazy when Redman enters the stage: “Brooklyn New York what’s the word!”. And of course we all show respect to the sidekick of EPMD: “I had back surgery but I still came for ya’ll m*therf*ckers”.

You can end the cool Brooklyn hip-hop festival cool with grilled chicken wings (what else!) and a local produced Brooklyn Brewery beer. Every weekend there are (small) hip-hop events In New York, so check online if that’s where you want to go. “Piece out one more time…”


Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Address: Pier 5, uplands of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Neighbourhood: Brooklyn
What?: Festival with Hip-Hop from the ol’ days
When: Every year in July
Where?: Pier 5, uplands of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Tickets: Affordable; tickets: 20 dollar, beer: 6 dollar, chicken wings: 5 dollar
Perfect for: Festival freaks, Hip-Hop fans, spending time with the kids, don’t forget to bring your folding chair!

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