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Have an extensive breakfast at Vondelpark3 Amsterdam

26 February 2016

You want this on Saturday or Sunday: breakfast at Vondelpark3!

Weekends are perfect for a leisurely breakfast. Enjoying the company of your love, catching up with friends and meeting up with family while sitting at a table full of breakfast dishes. Just like in the old days. Different kinds of breads, eggs, yogurt, juices, coffee and so many different types of toppings you can hardly choose.

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ontbijt vondelpark

Do you sometimes long for those extended breakfasts? Then go to Vondelpark3 in Amsterdam! On Saturdays and Sundays they now serve a Family Breakfast. A new concept I tested last weekend. For breakfast you get a number of small dishes, served on plates of red and blue Dutch design. An already popular concept and let me tell you: everything tasted oh so good! A must try!

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Upon entering Vondelpark3 you see a covered table, with pastries, yogurt and granola, boiled eggs, cheeses and meats, avocado, jam, tomato and cucumber. It all looks very nice and it’s all just waiting there for you… Extra special are the various extra dishes you get served. You start with an appetizer of fruit. Very nice and fresh. Then they serve small tost and scrambled eggs. Only promise me that you leave some room for dessert!

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How nice to end your weekend breakfast with a dessert! And not just any dessert… one of my favourite desserts! Pancakes with red fruit, YUM! Not too sweet and a perfect final dish.

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Don’t forget to make reservations for a Family Breakfast at Vondelpark3. Adults pay € 22.50 and for children is costs € 12.50. For this price you get a lot of very tasty food. Enjoy!

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Vondelpark 3

Amsterdam (Amsterdam Old South)
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