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Travel tip: cheap rides to Schiphol with ABEL + book your taxi in advance

25 June 2017

going on vacation soon? order an abel to schiphol!

You’re probably looking forward to your next vacation while reading this already. And if you ask me, nothing is more inconvenient than carrying around heavy suitcases in the subway, train or bus. With the shared cab service Abel you can book a ride to Schiphol at an affordable price. Book a seat and share your car with other travellers for a cheap ride to the airport or order a private car with your friends. What I find important when I go to Schiphol with a cab is that I know for sure that I get there and time, and so I want to get picked up by a time chosen by me.

Book your abel ride until a month ahead

Good news, because starting this month you can order your Abel cab ahead with the Abel in Advance service. Via their handy app you can order your cab at the time you would like to get picked up, and the happy blue car will then be waiting for your doorstep right on time. Very convenient if you have to go to Schiphol, but of course also if you have important plans where you want to make sure you won’t be late. You can order an Abel until a month ahead with the new Abel in Advance service.

Like you’re used of Abel, the ride gets cheaper depending on your flexibility in the required arrival time. In that way it could be the case someone’s already in the car of that someone gets in or out halfway the ride. Who knows, you might just meet a travel buddy in your Abel to Schiphol! What’s also a big plus of Abel is that the rate is always set at the moment you book the cab. If the traffic is busy it won’t affect the price of your cab. Do you have a ride planned ahead with Abel? In that case Abel will send you a reminder when it’s time. And… if something unexpected comes up, and you have to cancel the ride? There will be no costs if you cancel more than 2 hours before the arrival time.

Not yet a user of Abel? Quickly download the app and use the code abel-ylbbamsterdam to order your first free ride to the value of € 10,-.


Happy holidays!



In collaboration with Abel

Anne de Buck

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