Bodon Amsterdam: for surprising French dishes in the Apollo Hotel

Bodon Amsterdam

at bodon amsterdam the gastronomic sensation, la grande brasserie

YES,  we can finally visit Bodon Amsterdam, located in the Apollo Hotel in Amsterdam South, in the end of July. Bodon introduces the new gastronomic sensation, ‘La Grande Brasserie.’ Therefore you can expect the traditional French cuisine but with a modern twist. And that’s not everything. Eating at Bodon is a whole experience. Chateaubriand will be carved at the table and they also flambé crêpes right in front of you. So eating at Bodon isn’t just about good French dishes, it’s also about culinary show elements. Quite fun!

The interior of Bodon Amsterdam gives you the feeling as if you’re in the very beautiful Paris. Like going back in time! Decorated with a combination of marble, vintage and wood. It’s over-the-top, yet also very classy and something you’d be jealous of. When you think of ‘La Grande Barssiere’, this is what pops into your mind first.

bodon amsterdam

Bodon Amsterdam is the perfect place for a date night with your lover or for an evening catching up with some of your best friends. During the day you can eat a French breakfast here, relax in the lounge or have a business meeting.

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Photocredits: Bodon La Grande Brasserie

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