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BITE Beauty’s Lip Lab New York – Design your own lipstick!

19 December 2013
Photo credit: BITE Beauty Lip Lab

Always in search for that unique lipstick color which you can’t seem to find anywhere? Design your own lipstick at BITE Beauty’s Lip Lab in New York!

I’m excited! Not that I’m a heavy lipstick user, not at all actually, but how cool is that I can create my own now!
BITE Beauty was already selling niceness for your lips at Sephora. And after the pop-up shop earlier this year they now also have Lip Lab, where you can design your own funky lip shade. As I only buy cruelty free make-up BITE Beauty really fits me. The ingredients are all natural and therefore also “edible” as they put it (oh oooh).

Melissa from Lip Lab explains what the plan is. Damn I should have brought a photo or something! How do I explain I want that nude, but colorful, sexy but not really noticing, matt looking, but not making my lips dry out awesome lipstick…
I start by collecting the colors I like. Hmm, not really a do-able combination if you ask me. But Melissa starts her “mixology” skills.

The first results make my lips too pink. Makes me feel more like a clown. We try a bit more of the brownish color. Nope still too pink. After the 4th try I think we nailed it. Yes! This fits me.

Now do I want a matte finish or more of a shiny one? There’s also what they call their crème deluxe (12 bucks extra, but it’s full of vitamins and all that).
Next thing is to pick a scent if you want that as well. I like the lemon and minty one, but after I’ve smelled the violet that’s all I want!BITE Beauty Lip Lab scentsBITE Beauty Lip Lab New York closet The colors are being heated in a centrifuge so that they mix well. After that Melissa puts them in a mold in a freezer for 5 minutes…
Et voilà! Check out my creation of brown, nude, and orange!BITE Beauty Lip Lab New York mold BITE Beauty Lip Lab New York: exterior
Name: BITE Beauty’s Lip Lab
Address: 174 Prince Street, Soho
Perfect for: Creating that unique colored lipstick you’ve always wanted and couldn’t find. Until now.
Prices: Customized lipstick: 36,-. Customized lipstick + crème deluxe: 48,-.
It’s a small store and waiting time can be long. Closed on Mondays. Best times? Tuesday – Thursday at 11am or between 7 and 8pm.

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