9 x spots to celebrate your birthday in Amsterdam

verjaardag vieren amsterdam

Party time? these locations are perfect to celebrate a birthday

Birthday stress! Familiar with that? It happens to me every single year. What kind of bites do I need to make? How much beer and wine should I get? How messy will my house be after a night full of partying? Gladly there are many cool spots to celebrate your birthday. And the best news: they will take care of everything for you! Just order whatever you like, and no cleaning afterwards. So, have a happy birthday at these 22 locations for the perfect birthday in Amsterdam.

9 X SPOTS for the best birthday iN AMSTERDAM

CT Coffee and Coconuts: Celebrate your birthday at this cool and awesome location! CT Coffee and Coconuts is situated in an old movie theatre in De Pijp. It’s very spacious and the drinks are tasty. Do you prefer a more intimate party? Ask if you can reserve the third floor, it’s perfect to chill out with your friends on some huge beanbags. Get some edamame, fish charcuterie, and grilled hummus for on the table and everyone’s happy! Tip: start your b-day party around 16.00/17.00 because CT Coffee and Coconuts closes at 23.00.

‘t Blauwe Theehuis: ‘t Blauwe Theehuis is such a unique location. Surely you know it very well, it’s that cool round building in the middle of the Vondelpark. From Monday until Saturday it’s possible to hire the top floor for your party. Arrange a DJ and your party is complete!

Vergulden Eenhoorn: This city farm in Amsterdam East is the place where you’ll want to celebrate your birthday in Amsterdam! At the Vergulden Eenhoorn it’s very cosy both in- and outside. It feels like you’re in a complete different location outside the city! When it’s sunny you can barbecue outside and in the wintertime the fireplace is a cosy spot to warm up your hands inside. Very nice!


Summer spots: Do you want to celebrate your birthday at a relaxed spot? Where you can sit at large picnic tables or huge beanbags right next to the water and in the sun? Go to one of our favourite summer hotspots when it’s your birthday in the summer! Pllek, Hannekes Boom, Waterkant or Cafe de Ceuvel. The atmosphere is always great, the bites are good and affordable, and the beer is tasty. The spots are also good in wintertime. Are you celebrating your b- day on a Sunday? Go to Pllek in North! Here they have live music every Sunday!

Ree7: This great hotspot in the Jordaan is possible to rent out at nighttime to celebrate your birthday in Amsterdam! Do you prefer a birthday brunch at Ree7? Ask for a long table where you can eat together with all your friends. The food is healthy and delicious.

Pacific Park: Pacific Park at Westergasterrein is always a cool place to be! It’s usually pretty crowded, so it’ll feel like a lot of people are at your party :-) The weekends are perfect to celebrate your birthday because there is live music or a DJ. Saves you money on organising music, great!

Volkshotel: Celebrate your birthday in Amsterdam East at Volkshotel. On the the seventh floor you can rent Petit Canvas (not very cheap) with an amazing view! Do you prefer drinks or a private dinner……it’s all up to you! Do you still have some energy left at the end of the night? At Club Canvas you can go dancing!

G’s: At Yourlbb we already know that G’s is a great brunch place. But…. you can also celebrate your birthday here! Every night (except Thursday and Sunday) you can rent G’s for private dining. The booze from the boozy brunches will appear on the tables again! Are you celebrating something special? The brunch boat from G’s is for rent for an awesome party on the water.

Van Mechelen: Van Mechelen in Amsterdam South is always a good idea. This spot is very cosy, especially in the cold winter months! The interior is cool, the drinks are tasty, and of course there are plenty of snacks to complete your b-day party. Just sit or hang around the bar with all your loved ones, happy birthday to you :-)

Disco Dolly: Your private party with a bar and your own DJ…. that sounds like a dream. This dream can become reality at Disco Dolly! If your party is over and you still want to dance, meet up with the rest of Amsterdam (downstairs) and party until the early morning hours.

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