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New in Amsterdam: pay in the pub with your mobile!

30 November 2014

Lazy Sunday with the girls in Amsterdam!

I love hanging out with my girls on Sunday afternoon. Last weekend we went for drinks and tattoos! My friend Lotje had her first tattoo. So cool! We just had to celebrate that with drinks and bites. In November PayPal launched paying with your mobile in bars in Amsterdam. And since I go out all the time I just had to try and test that!

I think most of us who shop online have paid with PayPal before. You can now use the PayPal app to order and pay your drinks and bites in selected bars in Amsterdam. When you log into the PayPal app you see a list of locations near you Since we went tot the tattoo shop of Henk Schiffmacher at the Ceintuurbaan we went to Cafe Krul on the corner of the Sarphatipark.

Paypal Amsterdam

Always love these afternoons: red wine and bites with friends and endless talks about our latest adventures. Placing your order with the PayPal app is easy. The menu of the bar is in the app and you can select the item you want to order just like online shopping. Put your table number in the app and the order is br brought o your table asap.

Paypal Amsterdam

I know that paying with your mobile is already big in the Nordics and I don’t h think it will take long before it is largely accepted in The Netherlands as well. No wallet needed anymore! Just your mobile phone.

A few drinks and many more snacks later it’s time to end our Lazy Sunday and go home again. Also nice: we don’t have to wait for the bill, because it’s all paid yet!

Tip: in December you get € 2,50 discount on food ordered with the PayPal app. You can download the Paypal app in the app store or via Google Play.

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