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9 X weekly markets in Amsterdam and tips for the best stands to look out for

18 May 2024

Anyone who follows Your Little Black Book on Instagram  knows that I prefer to do my shopping on the market. That’s why I thought it was time to share the best weekly markets in Amsterdam  with you. Of course, in [category cat=”5682″ text=”Amsterdam”] there are many more markets, if you have a tip yourself for us let me know. I can say that I have really rediscovered the markets in Amsterdam this year. Shopping on Fridays or weekends, I try to make it one of the best things to do during a [category cat=”66812″ text=”lockdown”]. I mean: you have to eat anyway and it’s instantly a nice walk or bike ride to a weekly market in another neighborhood. I prefer to go early, to avoid crowds, and find out in advance [category cat=”6271″ text=”tasty recipes”] with what you’re going to cook. Do you live near a market that is every day? Then make it your daily walk between noon. For example, I live exactly between the  Dappermarkt  and the Albert Cuypmarkt  and I keep trying new stalls.

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9 X markets and the lekker Things to snack in Amsterdam

The Dappermarkt: Favourite stands here are Cheese from Klaas, the fish stand of Spakenburg and the bread of Dimitri. Also nice: the market is open six days a week.
Dapperstraat 279, Amsterdam –

Reuringmarkt: This is the Saturday market in IJburg. Especially in the summer nice to combine with lunch on the terrace of Haas & Popi. Freshly baked fish at Fishmony Loggertje, tasty spreads and Greek tapas for home by House of Crete, tasty French snacks from Bruno and more delicious spreads and olives from Sabores.
Joris Ivensplein, Amsterdam –

Ten Kate market: Not to be missed for the hummus stand, the baguettes of Ad Straathof and the tasty sandwiches of Boer Geert. For tasty snacks you have to be at this market at Deli Fresh. The Ten Kate market is happening from Monday to Saturday.
Ten Katestraat 34, Amsterdam –

Pekmarkt: On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays you will find a varying range of fresh products and ‘all things’ stalls. It depends a bit on what day you come, but the fish stall is always very good. Furthermore, I must confess that I often end up at Dolzon for bread and Kef for cheese! Those ones are not on the market, but in the street.
Van der Pekstraat, Amsterdam –


beste weekmarkten amsterdam

Van der Pekmarkt

Ornamental square market: If it wasn’t for lockdown1, I probably would never have discovered this market. Now I prefer to work from home with my editor on Wednesday and our afternoon walk is a walk to this market. Really all the stands that are here are so good. Don’t skip: Heinen & Coolwine for really good fish, Miek’s Coffee and So for a ball sandwich (thank me later!), Butcher Edward for when you’re going to make a stew on weekends and Price Club for the tastiest spreads.
Sierplein 2, Amsterdam –

Zuidermrkt: Small but nice and a great stop after a walk in the Vondelpark. Let’s go shopping, get meat at butcher’s shop de Schuyt (formerly Van Dam), get a coffee to go and then go home. It is fair to say, in this market you will find some really good offers: Vleck wines, Erik’s Delicatessen, Pieman and Bbrood.
Jacob Obrechtstraat & Johannes Verhulststraat, Amsterdam –

Albert Cupy market: Since my son goes to toddler dance at Damoves on Friday morning around the corner of the Albert Cuyp, I have really rediscovered the market. I never go home without getting my Friday afternoon drink at Twins Olives (the green stuffed peppers are really my addiction right now). They’re on the corner across the street from clothing store Noor. Furthermore, I always go by the fishmonger opposite Twins Olives, I get chicken cubes for the little one at Chris Kip and the stuffed dates and balsamic outings at Chris Olives. And did you know that you can also get dim sum for breakfast here and eat the tastiest Japanese pancakes at Osaka?
Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam –

Lindegracht:  On Saturday there is a general ‘department store’ on the Lindegracht as they call it. Here you will find everything you need for the daily groceries and this market can also be perfectly combined with the Farmers Market on the Noordermarkt on Saturday.
Lindengracht 4B, Amsterdam –

Noordermarkt: It doesn’t matter what day I get there, I actually always like it. On Saturdays you score delicious products for home at the organic market. Especially the mushroom stand is a favourite for me. The market is on Monday and Saturday and due to a different arrangement during Corona, part of the stalls can be found in the Westerstraat. My absolute new favorite there is the Indonesian stand: Sate Bar Charly. The satay is divine and normally I would say sharing is caring, but in this case you just want to order your own portion. Trust me.


beste versmarkten amsterdam

Noordermarkt on a saturday


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9 X weekly markets in Amsterdam and tips for the best stands to look out for

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