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10 X international supermarkets in Amsterdam, from Asian to Italian food

30 December 2021

We throw a party out of going shopping! Skip the standard supermarket this week and go to one of the international supermarkets in Amsterdam for your home dinner. Combine it immediately with a big walk and a coffee to go  and you’ll have your exercise right away for the day. Of course I’ll tell you exactly where to get what! So, you’ll know all my shopping secrets to put something delicious and different than usual on the table in no time when we have friends arriving. A little show off never hurt nobody! Happy shopping at these not to be missed International supermarkets in Amsterdam.

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10 X Best international supermarkets in Amsterdam


Shilla: Here you can find me very often for the tastiest bulgogi and other Korean / Japanese items. Love it!
Gelderlandplein 187, Amsterdam –
 Facebook page

Eichholtz Delicacy:Although this shop is located on leidsestraat, it is a business that expats and everyone who has lived abroad for a while, wants to know of. Here they sell great stuff like toppings and specific sauces that make you dream away to other countries.
Leidsestraat 48, Amsterdam –

Appetito – Novitalia: This Italian wholesaler can also be visited if you are not registered with the KVK. Just without a pass. Don’t forget to bring the fresh produce in the fridge. Do you get friends or family to eat? Here you get for example large trays of melanzane that you only have to slide in the oven and you will serve catering-quality ravioli.
New Hemweg 4B, Amsterdam –

TheJuniors: I didn’t really know this one until I started making the list. Do you know that feeling that you are abroad and dive into the supermarket and discover bizarre tastes of products that they also sell in the Netherlands? This is the place where you can find it too!
Ferdinand Bolstraat 31, Amsterdam –

Amazing Oriental:  I’m an incredible fan of everything that’s in the freezer. Perfect to have in the house! From gyoza to peking duck for the oven and bao buns that you can steam and fill yourself.
Supermarket: Nieuwmarkt 27 & Buikslotermeerplein 228
Wholesaler: De Flinesstraat 6, Duivendrecht / Amsterdam, Amsterdam –

Seoul Food: You get delicious take-away here, but did you know that they also sell Korean groceries for home? From sauces to herbs and more.
Kinkerstraat 73A, Amsterdam –


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Seoul Food, Amsterdam © Facebook

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More international supermarkets in Amsterdam


Wah Nam Hong: Here you’ll find everything you need to make the tastiest Asian recipes at home.
The Flinesstraat 18, Duivendrecht / Amsterdam –

Hong Kong Super Store: From noodles to dim sum, this is an Asian supermarket in West that any neighborhood would like to have.
Kinkerstraat 298H, Amsterdam

Kellys Expat shop: This is the shop that British and American expats want to know for all the food items they so miss from home.
Ferdinand Bolstraat 139, Amsterdam –

Tjin’s Toko:  I hope that the sandwiches of Tjin’s do not need an explanation, because you MUST know them. This toko is perfect for taking the famous products with you after a tour around the Albert Cuypmarkt.
First van der Helststraat 64, Amsterdam –

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