20 x the best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam

best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam

sail, float and drink at the best terraces to anchor in amsterdam

The sun starts to shine and that only means one thing: we’re all heading to the best terraces in Amsterdam. The happy few among us can jump in their boat and float on the canals for hours. Time flies with a glass of wine, or better, a bottle of wine and some snacks! But, it’s also nice to make a stop every now and then and if you do, it comes in handy to keep this list in mind. These are 20 x the best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam! :-) We say: boat, float and drinks on repeat!

20 x the best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam

Brouwerij het IJIf you want to spend your sunny afternoon filled with Dutch traditions, then Brouwerij het IJ is your place to be. Here you can taste one of their own brewed beers while enjoying the view of the old wind mill. Plus, the vibe among sailors is great here. Just hop on the boats of the others and you’ll get here!

Edel: This is the ideal place for lunch, dinner or to have a drink with your love or friends! Edel is established in The Sieraad, a gorgeous national monument. You would just come here for the vintage furniture and cosy seats! Anchor your boat and enjoy the best steak tartare in Amsterdam!

Hotel de Goudfazant: This nice spot in North stands for ‘what you see is what you get’. No fuss, just no nonsense food! This is the ideal place for a cosy evening with friends, family or your love. But don’t forget to make a reservation :-) No matter how big this industrial building is, it’s always full house!

The Amstel Hotel: by boat to this beautiful hotel, can it be any more romantic? The Amstelhotel always looks so beautiful. Their terrace is a perfect stop for your break. Sip some fine wine and enjoy the wonderful view from the terrace!

Roest: This is one of our favourite hangout spots in East! It’s so lovely over here, with your feet in the sand and close to the water. The nice relaxed and laid back vibe is just another plus! Hungry or thirsty? This is the right place! Is the beach too crowded? Staying on your boat here is fun as well!

best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam

Waterkant: Of course Waterkant can not be missed in this list! This sure is the place to be at during a cosy summer evening with friends. On sunny days the whole quay is filled with boats. No wonder, because the Suriname beers and the food are delicious! :-)

IJ-kantineAway from the canals, crossing the IJ, you’ll find the IJ-kantine up in North. A spot where you can stay all day. In the morning for breakfast, later on the day for a craft made lunch or dinner! But honestly, you just want to be here for the cosy terrace with the view over the Amsterdam harbor. :-) Tip: this place is nearby Pllek where you can also go for your boat break!

Hesp: A good old lowspot is Hesp! And it cannot be missed in this list, because with a terrace along the Weesperzijde it’s a very handy anchor place for your boat. Choose one of the 20 beers from the tap and plump down on the terrace. You’ll have the sun in your face and a beautiful view over the Amstel.

‘t Smalle: In the heart of the Jordaan you’ll find ‘t Smalle. Another spot you cannot miss if you consider yourself a true sailor ;-) If you haven’t been here yet, you will eventually. Because at some point, everybody will get at ‘t Smalle.

Meneer Nieges: This spot along the water is also a perfect to place to stop at, and enjoy some of the finest drinks and snacks. Nice for dinner, but also a fun place if you want to have drinks!

Hannekes Boom: With the first sunbeams we all start dreaming about a visit to this nice spot! It’s definitely one of our favourites! Look for a place at one of the picknick tables or just relax on the edge of the quay and enjoy your day!

best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam
hannekes boom

Loetje: Getting hungry and in for a good piece of meat? Anchor at Loetje aan het IJ! You not only have to cross the wonderful IJ for this, you also get some of the best steaks of Amsterdam. And everything tastes even better thanks to the wonderful view! :-)

Van Mechelen: This hotspot at the Sloterkade is perfect for each hour of the day. From your first coffee till your last drink, they’re always ready for you. Be aware: the snacks look so tempting, you will not be able to resist them. And you shouldn’t! They’re too delicious!

Weesper: Did you spend your Friday afternoon on a boat and you’re totally in the mood for a drink? Weesper is the ideal destination. Just as Hesp and Girassol located on the Weesperzijde.

Hangar: From Spring,  it’s possible to anchor here! Hangar has a huge terrace with a beautiful view over the IJ. This place is a mix of the industrial feeling of North and the warmth of South-European dishes. Hangar is the place to go on a sunny day!

best terraces to anchor in Amsterdam

Café Lennep: Because of the beautiful courtyard, this is the ultimate hotspot for a romantic date. We would love if our boyfriends would take us here by boat. Thanks to the view over the water and the luscious menu, the night can not go wrong! Singles, no worries, this is also the ideal place for you! :-)

Café de Jaren: For years café De Jaren is one of the favourite spots among boaters and floaters. Not just to anchor there and have some drinks at the terrace. But also because the chance is big that you’ll cross this during your sailing trip ;-)

Which spot is your favourite?

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