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7 x the best shopping malls in Dubai

15 March 2015

shop till you drop: not to miss shopping malls in Dubai

If you have money to spend you will love Dubai for a shopping holiday! It’s crazy how many  beautiful malls there are. And while we’re not big fans of malls in Europe you will love the air conditioning there when it’s 40 degrees outside!

Locals cal them the “Mall Walkers”.

When I think of the Dubai malls I always have to think of something my girl P. once told me… She lived in Dubai for years! During the summer the housewives of Dubai use the mall to run track. Locals cal them the “Mall Walkers”. How hilarious is that?! But once you’ve been here, you will understand, lol! In this blog I share the best shopping malls in Dubai with you. So you can shop till you drop. Enjoy!

Mall of Emirates >> Dubai Shopping Malls

In the Mall of Emirates you find all luxury shops, a mega supermarket, a large play area and plenty of restaurants that make this mall alone worth a visit. But the coolest of Mall of the Emirates is Ski Dubai. The largest indoor ski hall in the world! In the ski hall you can even cuddle with penguins! You understand… we SOOOO want to do that on our next trip.

Tip: go eat a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Here you can enjoy your piece of cake while you look at Ski Dubai.

Ibn Battuta Mall >> Dubai shopping malls

The Ibn Battuta Mall is my favourite shopping mall! It is one of the largest theme malls in the world. The mall is divided into six parts: India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and Andalusia. It’s like walking in 6 countries at the same time. Very cool! But the real reason why this is my favorite mall, because they have nice affordable shops here! This mall reminds me of the Terminal 21 mall  in Bangkok!

ibn battuta mall dubai

Wafi City Mall >> Dubai shopping malls

The Wafi City Mall is a large mall containing the luxury shops but also some unfamiliar brands. You recognize the mall by a large Egyptian pyramid, which you can see from far. The big Pyramid is the luxury Raffles hotel. Very fun to do is the Wafi’s open air cinema. Which is every Sunday and free! Please bring your own drinks and snacks along, because here you will paid 10 euros for a small bowl of popcorn.

City centre Sharjah >> dubai shopping malls 

OK, the City Centre Sharjah mall is officially not in Dubai but in Sharjah. One of the seven states of the UAE. But it is on the border and depending on where your hotel is can this shopping mall even be closer to your  hotel then one of the other malls. When I am in Dubai, I visit this mall every time! They have lots of Arab and affordable shopping. They sell amazing Arabic perfumes there. The mall is quieter than the other malls and also great for coffee in the cool air.

Tip: they sell here the best dates ever, I always buy a box to take home!

Deira City Centre >> Dubai shopping malls 

When you can call a mall that opened in 1995 ‘old’ that sounds pretty weird! The Deira City Centre mall opened in 1995 and is one of Dubai’s oldest shopping malls. In this mall you will find few tourists. They have a wide range of stores from luxury brands to more affordable brands. The mall has a food court, entertainment area and a supermarket.

Dubai Mall >> Dubai shopping malls 

You probably heard of the Dubai Mall before! It’s one of the largest shopping mall in the UAE. Inside you’ll find all the luxury stores who you can think of and a huge aquarium. Once outside you stand almost under the Burj Khalifa. You will also find the Dubai Mall Fountains, where from 8pm starts a fountain show and after 8 pm every half hour. Around the Dubai Mall Fountains are many terraces where you can have some food and drinks.

Good to know: they don’t serve alcohol here ;-).

Gold souk Deira >> dubai shopping malls

While this is not really a shopping mall we still want to share it. You can do some good shopping here! It is located in the old part of Dubai. Here you will find gold, souvenir shops with nice shoes and gorgeous Arab pashmina shawls. You have to bargain here. It is definitely worth to take a boat and cross the river. It will only cost you 1 Dirham (€0.25 cents). On the other side of the river is the Dubai heritage village. Old cottage that show how Dubai used to look. Come here at the end of the afternoon and start with the heritage village, then have a bite next to the river and do some shopping. The shops go open at the beginning of the evening.

More hotspots in Dubai

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