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10 x these are the best restaurants in The Netherlands

25 October 2016

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Yes! Restaurant guide Lekker has announced its annual top 100 of the best restaurants in the Netherlands. Every year 500 restaurants are competing for a place in this famous top list. With of course a lot of risers and fallers each year. The largest increase goes to restaurant goes to restaurant Bord’Eau, which rose from place 57 to 31. Check the list below to find out the 10 x best restaurants in The Netherlands according to Lekker.


1. inter scaldes >> best restaurants in the netherlands

The first place goes to restaurant Inter Scaldes in Kreuingen, Zeeland. Led by chef Jannies Brevet they took over the number 1 seat of Librije. Last year they took the second place.

2. de librije >> best restaurants in the netherlands

Last year they were the leader of the list and found at number 1. Now chef Jonnie and wife Therese Boer have dropped to the second place.

3. De Leest >> Best restaurants in the netherlands

Restaurant De Leest occupied the third place last year and this year as well. The restaurant is led by Jacob Jan Boerma in Vaasen, Gelderland.

beste restaurants van nederland - de leest

4. Joelia >> Best restaurants in the netherlands

Also Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland is represented in the top 10 of Lekker 500. Restaurant Joelia has rose one place, from 4 to 5, led by Mario Ridder.

5. beluga loves you >> best restaurants in the netherlands

A Maastricht gem is also to be founded in this list: Beluga Loves You rises from place number 7 in 2016 to the 5th place in 2017. Of course led by chef Hans van Wolde.

6. FG Restaurant >> best restaurants in the netherlands

And another restaurant in Rotterdam in the top 10. FG Restaurant rises from the ninth to the sixth place, led by chef François Geurds.

beste restaurants van nederland - ciel bleu

7. Ciel Bleu >> best restaurants in the netherlands

Ciel Bleu, the restaurant of hotel Okura in Amsterdam, has risen under the leadership of chef Onno Kokmeijer a lot of places. Last year, they could be founded on the 16th place, this year at number 7.

8. De Bokkedoorns >> best restaurants in the netherlands

Owner John Beeren and his team, led by chef Menno Post, rises from 13 to 8. You’ll find restaurant De Bokkedoorns in Overeen, North-Holland.

9. De Lindenhof >> Best restaurants in the Netherlands

Restaurant De Lindenhof in beautiful Giethoorn, Overijssel, has dropped this year from 6th to 9th place under the leadership of Martin Kruithof.

10. de lindehof >> best restaurants in the netherlands

The last riser of the list. De Lindehof in Nuenen. North-Brabant, rises under the leader ship of Soenil Bahadoer from 14th to 10th place.

And because we love Amsterdam, we’ve listed all the restaurants from Amsterdam in the top 500 for you:

These are the best restaurants in Amsterdam

Ciel Bleu: from 16 to 7.
La Rive: last year at number 11, this year at number 12.
Librije’s Zusje: from 30 to 21.
RON Gastrobar: this year to be founded at number 23 again!
Vermeer: dropped from 27 to 28.
Vinkeles: dropped from 28 to 29.

Bridges: from 31 to 30!
Bord’Eau: from 57 to 31.
&samhoud: this year to be founded at number 42 again!
Yamazoto: from 47 to 43.
Le Restaurant: from 44 to 45.
Rijks: new in this list and to be founded on number 60!
Lastage: from 83 to 79.
Bolenius: from 89 to 86.
Breitner: also up, from 94 en 88.

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