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10 x the best new series to binge watch this winter

11 December 2018

This is your solution for lazy cold winter days!

Do you also find it hard to be lazy throughout the year? The entire year we have to run, run, run to keep up with all the work and social activities. Mailboxes that are continuously full and the phone that is always ringing. I’m the type of person that always still “wants to finish one more thing.” Except during cold winter days. Actually, those are the only days that I allow myself to do absolute nothing. For me and my lover that means one thing: let’s binge watch the day away! We wear our PJ’s all day long and snuggle upon a blanket on the couch. To prepare our lazy days I already searched for the best series to binge watch. With whom will you watch all those episodes?

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10 x the best new series that you want to binge watch!

De Zaak Menten: An easy one to binge watch: this three episode-series tells the true story of journalist Hans Knoop. He’s told about the war crimes of Pieter Menten and decides to investigate the case. What follows is a case that caused a lot of buzz in the 70s. Available on NPO Plus.

Westworld: One of HBO’s best watched series in history. The series takes place in Westworld, a technologically advanced Western-themed amusement park, which is populated by human robots that derail slowly. Available on HBO.

3%: Did you enjoy the movies of The Hunger Games? Then you want definitely want to check out the Brazilian series 3%. A group of young people fight against each other for a coveted spot on an idyllic country known as the Island. Available on Netflix.

Als De Dijken Breken: If the dikes break, what would happen to the Netherlands? In this Dutch drama series, you will be taken on an exciting adventure  in today’s water disaster. Available on NPO.

The Crown: In case you haven’t seen this series about the British royal family yet, this is your time to figure out where everyone talks about. This series reveals the political rivalry and romance during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Available on Netflix.

The Killing: A girl from Seattle is murdered and the killer is still at large. The detective is determined to fight the killer. A thrilling series that you cannot stop watching. Available on Netflix.

Vinyl: Do you like rock music? Then Vinyl is a series that you definitely want to see. This series takes you into the music industry of New York in the 70’s full of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Music like punk, disco and hip hop are discovered here. Available on HBO.

Black Mirror: A little bit creepy, but therefor really exciting and scary. Black Mirror takes you into the future, where the most technological inventions collide with the darkest emotions of mankind. Available on Netflix.

The Get Down: Do you love hiphop music? The Get Down takes you to the New York Bronx in the seventies and is about the origin of hip hop and the demise of disco. Available on Netflix.

Gilmore Girls A Year in The Life: Youth sentiment for many and, moreover, not too difficult to watch. A Year in the Life of The Gilmore Girls. Watching the struggles of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore never gets old.




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