Bar Gallizia Amsterdam: Italian hotspot in Amsterdam East

Wine bar, lunchroom and restaurant: Bar Gallizia Amsterdam

Bar Gallizia is an Italian hotspot in Amsterdam East! An Italian wine bar where you also  can have lunch and dinner. The owner of Gallizia already had a wine shop near the Dapper Market: Monega. But the entrepreneur wanted more. Because good wines come with good food! And voila, there was Bar Gallizia!

We from Yourlbb love a good Italian meal! And let’s face it: who doesn’t? For that reason alone we should be happy with Bar Gallizia in Amsterdam. But there’s also a nice living room atmosphere at Bar Gallizia Amsterdam. So soon I’ll drink a glass of wine here on the sunny terrace and try their pasta of the day!

Bar Gallizia Amsterdam

Address: Javastraat 67, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam East
Website: check the Facebookpage!

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