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Bar Centraal Amsterdam: little brother of wine bar GlouGlou in Old West

10 April 2017

Bar Centraal Amsterdam for the best wines to try

Bar Centraal Amsterdam is not only the little brother, or better said the big brother of wine bar GlouGlou, but also your new favourite place to go in Old West. At the corner of the Ten Kate Market and Bellamystraat Bar Centraal will soon open a new restaurant/bar where you get a variety of natural wines, the best dishes and some bites and drinks in the late hours. The internationally oriented kitchen staff makes other dishes every week, so you always have a reason to visit this place once a week. Think of mushroom with mushrooms or cod of the North Sea with miso and orange.

Better said: at Bar Central you can choose from sixty wines, lunch on the weekends and eat something different every week. We like!

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Bar Centraal

Ten Katestraat 16

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)
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