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Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam: a new all-day spot in the Rivierenbuurt

14 November 2017

Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam makes Amsterdam south hot

Amsterdam South is HOT! One after the other hotspot opens it’s doors in the South of the city and together they make the neighbourhood all happening again. We heard that soon there will be a new night club, the Zuidas has been undergoing quite some changes for some time now and there is even a new all day spot with rooftop bar. Today we will add another go to place to the list of spots in Amsterdam South: Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam.

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Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam opened its doors at the Rijnstraat in the Rivierenbuurt in South. A street where you are at the right address for sushi or Mexican food, but where is still not a lot happening. Bar Bouwmeester is changing that. It’s a place where you can go all day long to enjoy a cup of coffee, a lunch or a drink with friends. A luxe sandwich will cost you around €6,50, a (vega) burger from €14,50 and a soup is around €6,50.

bar bouwmeester amsterdam

Now I can hear you think, what makes this new spot so special? The fact that you can order the whole menu, the whole day! You can even order evening dishes at 7.30 in the morning, better said have breakfast with Dutch “bitterballen” or a beetroot burger. Up for a slice of bananabread at night? No problem! Their menu has no ‘time limit’. Perfect, because if there’s something that I hate, it’s definitely not having an option to have breakfast after 2 PM… My favourite meal of the day!

Anyway have fun at Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam!

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Photocredits: Bar Bouwmeester

Bar Bouwmeester

Rijnstraat 36

Amsterdam (Rivierenbuurt)


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