Baltazar Istanbul


Baltazar Istanbul: burgerspot in Karaköy

9 April 2016

real men go to this hotspot in Istanbul: Baltazar

Wherever you go on a city trip… a tasty burger is always a good idea! I discovered Baltazar in suburb Karaköy in Istanbul. A trendy burger spot and a real men hotspot. The only thing on their menu are burgers and other meat dishes from the grill with a typical American smokey flavour.  Delicious with some big fries.

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Men hotspot or not… I also feel like a burger every now and then. So I went out for dinner at Baltazar. You can leave your high heels and dress at home. Here you go in your jeans and biker jacket.  A laid back burger bar where everything tastes great.

And that’s just how the interior is. Baltazar is a small, but nice place. The frontside has a small sidewalk with a small terrace where you can enjoy the sun. Awnings with the vegetation on the front make the scene extra cute. And inside it’s just as cute. With a bar made of old corrugated iron. No fancy stuff here, just good food and cozy!

Tip: when you are here, make sure you order a beer but do it secretly! ;-) Why so sneaky? I can’t say more. Just order it!

Baltazar Istanbul

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Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi Sokak, 12/A

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