Baker’s Dough Rotterdam: the first cookie dough bar in the Netherlands to visit

23 May 2017

You want to go to baker’s dough rotterdam to taste edible dough

OMG, a cookie dough bar in the Netherlands! And yes, as a cookie lover I have to say that this is great news. For dessert, I like to make cookie dough. I put it in the oven for a few minutes and add some ice cream on top. It’s so good! But from now on I don’t have to make it myself anymore, ’cause I can go to the one and only cookie dough bar in the Netherlands; Baker’s Dough Rotterdam.

baker’s dough rotterdam is a dream come true for cookie lovers

Paul Bakker is the one we have to thank for opening Baker’s Dough Rotterdam. He got inspired by a similar bar in NYC and figured it was the right time to open a cookie dough bar in the Netherlands as well to fulfil our cookie dough dreams. This isn’t his first business in Rotterdam, he’s also the founder of the great Baker&Moore. It’s going to be a create-it-yourself idea, so you can create the cookie dough you like. Chocolate, caramel, just how you like it!

baker's dough rotterdamThe cookie dough at Baker’s Dough Rotterdam is made of ingredients which you can eat raw so you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll get sick (which is the case sometimes when you bake cookies yourself and use raw eggs for the dough). Great! So create your dough, choose the toppings you like, grab a spoon and enjoy. Tip: you can also bring the dough home so you can make cookies out of it.

Now that Baker’s Dough Rotterdam has opened on the Pannekoekstraat, I want to go there as soon as possible. The cookie dough salty caramel & brownie with caramel and nuts just sounds too good!

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Baker’s Dough

Pannekoekstraat 82A

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