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YES Baker’s Dough is coming to Amsterdam!

26 June 2017

Soon raw cookie dough at Baker’s Dough Amsterdam

A little while ago, the first cookie dough bar opened its doors in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. Cookie lovers were super excited and stood in line for hours to taste the fresh cookie dough at Baker’s Dough. Even our intern from Amsterdam went to Rotterdam to see it with her own eyes, (and to taste it of course). But good news, soon we won’t have to travel that far anymore. Baker’s Dough is coming to Amsterdam!

In case you missed it. At Baker’s Dough Amsterdam you can eat raw cookie dough. No worries, you can’t get sick of it. The ingredients that Baker’s Dough use can all be eaten raw. The concept is simple, you choose your dough and you finish it with toppings like m&ms, caramel, chocolate or sweets. So tasty!

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