Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam: the newest coffee hotspot at De Pijp


 Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam for coffee and pies!

A few weeks ago I discovered the new coffee hotspot Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam. The owners are kiwis living in Amsterdam and I think this cosy place is already the number one coffee café at De Pijp. You can also go to Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam for lunch, with for example delicious homemade pies. And I’m a pie lover, I have to admit! The interior at this hotspot is very bright with fifties colours and lots of white. At Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam there is a stage where you can sit to drink your coffee which reminded me of Raw 42 in Copenhagen. Really like the pillows they have on their with a touch of Brasil on it where the coffee beans are from! At Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam they don’t do edging on your cappuccino. They have their own style to make you coffee look good, love it! Soon Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam will also serve brunch on the weekends. Can’t wait to go back there to try and test it for you. And when you live in De Pijp it’s good to know that you can also order coffee to go at Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam.

Bakers and Roasters Amsterdam

Address: Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54
Neighbourhood: De Pijp
Website: only Facebook
Price level: moderate
Perfect for: coffee with the girls and lunch with homemade pies!

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