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10 x bachelor party in Amsterdam: an unforgettable day

22 January 2016

The tips for the perfect bachelor party in amsterdam

Are you the chosen one to organise the bachelor (or bachelorette) party of your best friend? This can be quite tricky. Of course you want to be original and not hop on a beer bicycle and cross the city :-) We have been searching for original activities for an unforgettable day. Read here all about the 10 tips for a cool bachelor party in Amsterdam!

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>> silent disco boat >> bachelor party in Amsterdam >>

Are you also a huge fan of the silent disco? And everyone who has sailed the canals knows: sailing through Amsterdam is great! So what if you can combine those two fantastic things? Well, good news: yes it can! There’s a silent disco boat in Amsterdam that you can rent for your bachelor party. That means fun is guaranteed!

>> Sausage workshop >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

Together with your friends you can make your very own sausage at Brandt & Levie. First you’ll get a tour through the butchery and then everybody will get a task! There will be cooking, drinking and eating and at the end of the day you’ll take your homemade sausage home… Or to the bar of course :-)

Street art Amsterdam

>> street art tour >> BACHELOr party IN AMSTERDAM >>

Super cool to do: a street art tour in Amsterdam! There are so many cool artworks…. Learn all about the artworks during a three hour tour through Amsterdam together with your friends. For example, did you know that you can even admire the street art of Space Invader in the Jordaan? So cool! Nice as preparation for your wild drinks after :-)

>> luxury suite >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

Celebrate your bachelor party the American way! Rent a way too big luxury suite and your ready for a party. Make sure you’ll have music, a lot of champagne and celebrate with all of your friends. All the international stars love to come in The Grand or the W hotel. Super cool to get a suite here! Tip: keep it clean, because maybe you’ll have to come back :-)


>> festival >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

From March, the Dutch festival season is starting again. There’s nothing more fun than spending the day together with all of your friends on an outdoor festival. Make sure you’ll check the favourite dj’s of the bride or groom to be so you can pick the best festival. Enjoy!

>> la vie  en proost >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

This is the place to be for beautiful dancing women, and yes, they’re (almost) naked! Besides men, woman as well love to come here. Let yourself be carried away in La Vie en Proost, because it’s going to be a special night! Don’t forget to give a lapdance to the groom or bride to be, that’ll be hilarious!

Waldorf Afternoon Tea

>> high-tea >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

Perhaps the men find this slightly less fun, but this sure is something we women love! Get spoiled with a lot of delicious snacks during a high-tea in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It couldn’t start any better with a glass of champagne… Followed by all the little, sweet and savory, snacks. Of course the matching tea should not be missed! Yum!
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>> wine tasting >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

How much fun is it to go wine tasting or have a wine masterclass with the bachelor(ette) and all of his/hers friends? Of course we at Yourlbb know exactly the places to go for a good wine tasting :-) At Glouglou you can drink wines in a very cosy setting, at Bar Paulus you’ll drink the best wines (and bubbles!) in their vintage setting and T’s Bites & Wines makes sure you’ll get the best wines together with the best bites.  Another good one: Kef. Here they’ll serve wine and very good cheese. So much fun!


>> biertuin  >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

There’s beer, a lot of beer, and the best burgers and chicken of Amsterdam… The Biertuin is the place to be, especially for a bachelor party. There’s a casual atmosphere and no one looks surprised when the table is full of beer mugs. Enjoy!
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>> room escape game  >> bachelor party IN AMSTERDAM >>

An hour trapped in a room, with no way out unless you know how to solve one of the 6 mysteries… That’s Escape World. There are six different games: down the rabbit hole, the serial killer, who killed the painter, the hospital, mission matrix en the harbour. 

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