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4 March 2015

Shakshuka what? Make this delicious egg-dish now!

Today it’s time for Shakshuka: an original egg-dish from Arabian and northern African countries. I love this dish so much that I could eat it every day!

Ingredients for Shakshuka (for 4 persons)

– 4 eggs;
– ½ teaspoon cumminseed;
– 2 red onions;
– 1 red and 1 yellow paprika;
– 1 bay leaf;
– 5 tomatoes;
– ½ tl saffron;
– chiliflakes;
– olive oil;
– pepper & salt;
– 2 scallions;
– 200 ml water;
– a little bit of parsley or cilantro;

How to make Shakshuka

Wash and then cut the paprikas in small strips and cut the red onion thin rings. Wash the tomatoes and cut them in cubes. Put the cumminseed in a pan and roast them. After two or three minutes you can add the olive oil and onions. Once the onions turn glazy, you can add the tomatoes, chiliflakes, water, bay leaf and saffron. Add salt and pepper for some extra taste. Turn down the heating plate and leave the pan simmer for 10 or 15 minutes. Its important that you keep stirring! If the water gets absorbed to quickly, you can add some more, until it turns into a beautiful thicke sauce.

Make 4 holes in the sauce and break the eggs into these. Put the lid on the pan and let the eggs cook through for another 10 minutes. Take the pan of the heating plate and cut some fresh parsley (or cilantro) and scallion over it. Serve the dish with (wholegrain) pita’s.

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