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Amsterdam Movie Guide for June: 7 movies to watch in theaters this month

23 June 2024
Photo credit: © Rialto Amsterdam

WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES in Amsterdam? These are the best new films for this month

An afternoon or evening at the movies is always a good idea! Especially if there is a great film showing. In our new Amsterdam Movie Guide, you’ll discover 7 films to watch in the cinema in June. Fun to do with friends or as a date with your loved one. Get a big bucket of popcorn and your movie date can begin. This month, many films will premiere again, from comedies to thrillers and touching films. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s sure to be a film to your taste! Check out the Amsterdam Movie Guide for the month of June! And did you know that you can also watch last month’s films at home on the couch via Pathé Thuis? Bonus tip :-).

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7 x films to watch in the cinema in June – Yourlbb’s amsterdam movie Guide:

De Mooiste Dag

Writer Jasmijn experiences severe writer’s block after being involved in a fatal accident. She starts writing numerous unanswered letters to Wim, the widower of the victim. When she realizes she can’t continue like this, she makes a drastic decision and leaves unannounced for Morocco, where Wim runs a hotel. While her family and publisher try to figure out where she is, Jasmijn unexpectedly forms a bond with Wim under the Moroccan sun. However, Wim doesn’t know who Jasmijn really is… when is the right time to tell him?

Showing at: All Pathé cinemas

The Movie Teller

María Margarita always looks forward to Sundays, the day she goes to the cinema with her family. But when their financial situation takes a turn and the weekly outing is no longer possible, María discovers a special talent: she can fantastically recount films in detail. Her stories transport the poor inhabitants of the Chilean mining town to the enchanting world of film, allowing them to momentarily escape their worries. But while María’s gift captivates the town, it is also about to change it forever.

Showing at: All Pathé cinemas, Filmhallen, Cinecenter, Studio/K

IMDb: 6.4/10


In this new drama and sports film, we follow Tashi Duncan, a former tennis star who is now supporting her husband, a once-celebrated tennis player in a downward spiral. Her life becomes entangled when he has to defeat his ex-boyfriend Patrick, leading to resurfacing tensions from the past. Tashi faces a dilemma: what personal price must she pay for victory?

Showing at: All Pathé cinemas, Filmhallen, Cinecenter, The Movies, Rialto, Lab 111, Studio/K

IMDb: 7.4/10

Mother Instinct

In the new film Mother Instinct, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway play the roles of Alice and Céline, two best friends in a suburban American neighborhood in the 1960s. Their idyllic friendship is disrupted by a tragic accident, leading to guilt, suspicion, and paranoia.

Showing at: All Pathé cinemas, Filmhallen, Cinecenter, The Movies, Studio/K

IMDb: 6.3/10

Dune 2

Have you seen part 1? Then you surely want to know how the story continues. In the second part of DUNE, Paul Atreides continues his journey. He is still seeking revenge on those responsible for his family’s downfall.

Showing at: Het Ketelhuis, Pathé cinemas, Rialto, Lab 111, Studio/K, The Movies, Filmhallen

IMDb: 8.8/10

Back to Black

Are you also a big fan of the songs by singer Amy Winehouse? The new film Back to Black honors the legendary music star. The film highlights her extraordinary talent, humor, and honesty, from her rise in London to worldwide success, but also her struggle with alcohol and drugs up to Amy’s tragic end.

Showing at: Cinecenter, Filmhallen, Pathé cinemas, The Movies

IMDb: 6.7/10

amsterdam movie guide for families & kids


In IF (Imaginary Friends), we follow the story of a girl who discovers she can see everyone’s imaginary friends. She decides to use this superpower to reunite lost imaginary friends with their owners, leading to a magical adventure.

Showing at: All Pathé cinemas, Filmhallen

IMDb: 6.6/10

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