Light festival Amsterdam 2015/2016


Amsterdam Light Festival 2015: November 28 – January 17

10 December 2015
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Get wowed by the lights during the amsterdam light festival

Not ready yet for the cold winter months? Me neither! But, there’s one thing to look forward to: Amsterdam Light Festival 2015! From November 28 to January 17 in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Light Festival was designed to give the people from Amsterdam a bit of positivity during the dark winter days. The organization thought the perfect way to do this was to literally bring light in the darkness. Each year Amsterdam is turned into a true light theatre, in which artists from all around the world can show their light designs. And every year it gets more and more spectacular!

 Amsterdam Light Festival 2015/2016

illuminade walking route x amsterdam light festival 2015

Like every year, you can join a walking or boat route during the Light Festival. One of the fun things about the walking route is that it’s completely free! That means there’s more money left to spend on a couple of hot chocolates with freshly whipped cream at the end! ;-) The walking route goes through the Weesper- and Plantagebuurt (neighbourhood) and takes you to more than 20 light artworks!

water colors boat route X amsterdam light festival 2015

Amsterdam is pretty, but from the water it is possibly even prettier. That’s why the Water Colors boat route is so special. Hop on one of the canal cruisers and see the magical art designs from the water for about 75 minutes. Trust us, it’s a very special way to discover Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2015/2016

amsterdam light festival 2015/2016

When: November 28, 2015 to January 17, 2016
Price: Walking route is free, price for the boat tour differs
Where: On the Amstel and in the Canal District, and in the  Weesper- and Plantagebuurt
Website & tickets: Check the website for more info and ticket prices


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