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Amsterdam Bucketlist: 56 things to do at least once

21 October 2019

When in Amsterdam you want to tick off these 56 things

A bucketlist of things every Amsterdammer and visitor ought to do in Amsterdam at least once in their lives: the Amsterdam Bucketlist. Popular and well-known must-dos, from the classic and refined, to the wild and new. Enough inspiration for a year full of fun things to do. Tick them off your Amsterdam Bucketlist one at a time. Too many to fit in a weekend, so you’ll always have a reason to return to Amsterdam. The following 56 things should belong on every Amsterdam Bucketlist if you ask us. Which ones did you tick off already?

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amsterdam bucketlist

The amsterdam bucketlist to work on right now

  1. Cycling along the canals: Nothing is better than cycling along the canals in Amsterdam. It still makes me happy every single day!
  2. Barbecuing in the park: Get your friend together, do some groceries, and find a nice spot in Westerpark. Of course last year we would have mentioned Vondelpark here but that’s history. So let’s keep Westerpark clean before they do a BBQ ban there too!
  3. NDSM-Wharf: You’ll never get bored at NDSM-Wharf. Check out the website to see what’s happening these days.
  4. Museum of Bags & Purses: A museum you can’t miss in Amsterdam if you’re a lady is the Museum of Bags & Purses (Tassenmuseum Hendrikje). It’s small, but beautiful.
  5. Street Art Tour: You can find a lot of street art in Amsterdam, so follow a street art tour and see everything at once.
  6. Cheese-tasting at Kef: Hmm, cheese. It doesn’t matter if you’re from The Netherlands or not, a cheese-tasting is something you should do at least once in your life and the one at Kef is simply the best.
  7. Gerard Doustraat: The street where everything happens in Amsterdam is the Gerard Doustraat. Just walk around and let your mind wonder.
  8. Brandt en Levie sausage workshop: After the cheese-tasting you should do a sausage workshop at Brandt en Levie. So good!
  9. The Foodhallen: Every food addict should go here at least once in their life. You can also go to the movies next door at De Filmhallen, nice!
  10. Concert at the Concertgebouw: An experience you’ll never forget is a concert at the beautiful Concertgebouw. Have you ever been there?
  11. Dim sum at Oriental City: Our guilty pleasure? Dim sum. Especially the ones from Oriental City. Tasty!
  12. Festival at Ruigoord: And go to our favorite festival: Georgie’s Wundergarten.
  13. Haarlemmerstraat & Haarlemmerdijk: Shop till you drop. Shopping for two kilometers? Who says no to that?
  14. Clubben at De School: De School is a club with a 24-hours license and they’re pretty serious about it. You can dance all night and after that have breakfast in their restaurant.
  15. Van Gogh Museum: Another museum that you can’t miss on the Amsterdam Bucketlist is Van Gogh Museum. We’re pretty proud of it.
  16. De Negen Straatjes (The Nine Streets): Shopping, eating, and wandering around while you take it all in, is what you can do in The Nine Streets. There’s also lots of nice places for lunch, like Libertine Café Café for example.
  17. On a boat with Koningsdag (King’s Day): The best way to party on Koningsdag is on a boat. Rent a boat with friends or just join others. Everything is possible on this special day.
  18. Museumnight: Museumnight is a night you won’t forget. Every year it’s a spectacle ’cause all the museums do everything they can to make it special. You’ll want to go there!
  19. IJ-Hallen: The perfect place to find vintage and second hand treasures is at the monthly IJ-Hallen.
  20. Swimming at Café De Ceuvel: Café De Ceuvel in Amsterdam North is, from now on, your favorite spot in summer time. Good food and nice people!
  21. FOAM: When you’re into photography go to FOAM. The exhibitions change regularly so you’ll always have a reason to visit Amsterdam.
  22. Lookout at A’DAM Toren (Tower): There is a swing at the A’DAM Tower where you can see Amsterdam with a view. Even for the Amsterdammer it’s something for their Amsterdam Bucketlist. It’s so scary! 


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    © Adam Lookout Over The Edge Schommel

  23. Visit a café in Amsterdam’s Jordaan: In the Jordaan you can feel the real Amsterdam atmosphere. You need to go there at least once, so go!
  24. Amsterdam Museum: Tourist or not. Amsterdam is an impressive and special city. Go to the Amsterdam Museum and get to know the city.
  25. Tuschinksi: If you want to see a movie, go to Tuschinski. You’ll get the full experience!
  26. Take the ferry to North: Take the ferry to North and go to one of these 14 restaurants.
  27. Rijksmuseum: Just like the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijks museum is also one to tick off of your Amsterdam Bucketlist. Have you ever been there?
  28. Food trucks in the Vondelpark: Yes, the food festival season is coming and that means you need to go to at least one. For example the one in the Vondelpark. Tasting time!
  29. Dinner at the  Vuurtoreneiland: Every winter and summer there’s a pop-up restaurant at Vuurtoreneiland and you really need to go there one time. It’s super special!
  30. Sail along the canals: Rent a boat with friends or book a spot on one of the canal tours at Central Station and see Amsterdam from the water. Oh Amsterdam, you’re so pretty!
  31. Take a stay-in-vacation own city: Nothing is better than a stay-in-vaction because you’re getting the feeling you’re actually on a vacation. Take a look at the best hotels in Amsterdam.
  32. Stedelijk museum: The Stedelijk Museum for modern, contemporary art and design is a museum to tick off as well. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk museum are all located at Museumplein so you can tick them off all at once!
  33. Eat stroopwafels (Syrup cookies) at the Albert Cuypmarkt: Dutchies are addicted to Stroopwafels. They’re so good! Especially the fresh, warm ones at the Albert Cuypmarkt.
  34. Eat dinner at Rijsel: Go to Restaurant Rijsel in Amsterdam East for good and ‘affordable’ food. The menu changes regularly so you have a good enough reason to book a table more than once.
  35. Anne Frank Huis: Anne Frank, we all know her. But have you ever been in her home?
  36. See Amsterdam from a rooftop: You want to see Amsterdam from above so go to one of the spots with a rooftop. Think of places like the W Hotel,  the Volkshotel, or Floor 17.
  37. Rollende Keukens (food truck festival): Yes, a food festival you absolutely can’t miss is de Rollende Keukens. And all the others as well actually…
  38. Watch the sunset at Pllek: Do you want to go to a beach in Amsterdam? Go to Plekk in North. It’s also the best spot for watching the sunset!
  39. Tropenmuseum: If you’re interested in nations, tribes and their culture, go to the Tropenmuseum.
  40. Beer-tasting at a craft brewery: Beer-tasting, it’s something you don’t have to ask your boyfriend or friends twice. Cheers!
  41. Cycle through the Rijksmuseum tunnel: And yell of course!
  42. Local Goods Weekend Market: Once in a while you can go to the Local Goods Market where you can buy and taste products that are made in Amsterdam.
  43. Sit with your legs in the water and drink a beer at Waterkant: Hmm, for a good summer feeling you need to go to the Waterkant. With bitterballs on the right and a cold beer on the left.
  44. Eat raw haring: Haring, you either like it or you don’t. I don’t. But I still recommend to try it, with onions!
  45. Bowling at Club Knijn: Bowling is hot and is perfect for the Friday night with friends. It’s time to win!
  46. Eat snacks out of a wall and ‘patat oorlog’ at FEBO on the Ferdinand Bolstraat: FEBO is the Dutch snack walhalla where you can get food out of a wall. A bit weird, but fun! They also sell bao buns now!
  47. High Tea at the Waldorf or The Duchess: High tea? Yes please! Go to the Waldorf or The Duchess for the tastiest snacks.
  48. Gin Journey of Mr. Cocktail: Take a gin tour and go to 4 cocktail bars where you’ll learn everything about gin. And you can taste of course!
  49. Eat cake at Winkel 43: After a stroll over the Noordermarkt on a Monday morning you need to go to Winkel 43 for the best Dutch apple pie. Nom!
  50. Eat Bitterballs: My guilty pleasure are bitterballs! They don’t really look that appetizing but, my god they’re so tasty. Order them for example at The Foodhallen, testing time!
  51. Go watercycling over the canals: Just like cycling or sailing along the canals, watercycling is also something you need to do at least once in Amsterdam. Try not to get wet!
  52. Ice skating at the Jaap Eden rink: The Jaap Eden ice rink is a festival area in summer time and just an ice rink in the winter months. Do you still have it?
  53. Eat fresh kibbeling (fried fish) at a fish stall at the Dappermarkt: Yum, kibbeling! Again, a Dutch snack that you need to taste. Get it at a market, where they’re as fresh as they can be.
  54. Hug goats at the Amsterdamse Bos: Not really yourself these days? Go to the Amsterdamse Bos and hug some goats. Who says no to that?
  55. Go to a speak easy cocktailbar: How exciting is it to go to a discrete restaurant with a secret password?
  56. See or get a striptease at La Vie en Proost: La Vie en Proost is the best topless lap dance bar of Amsterdam. Don’t say no, you need to see it at least once. After that, walk around at the Wallen, you will find a lot of nice lunch and coffee places.

How many did you already tick off of the Amsterdam Bucketlist? amsterdam bucketlist

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