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Airbnb etiquette: how to be a good guest

6 April 2017

BE a good guest and always keep these Airbnb etiquette rules in mind!

Airbnb’s are starting to become more popular than regular hotels. However, you should never forget that Airbnb hosts are normal people, just like you and me. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible for both parties, you should always keep these Airbnb etiquette rules in mind!

1. ARRIVE and leave on time

Airbnb hosts also have their own daily activities, like a job and other responsibilities. Don’t leave your host waiting and arrive and leave on the agreed check in and check out times.

2. RESPECT the house rules

Does the ad say that you can’t throw parties in the apartment? Respect that! House rules are not there to break. So when there is noted that you can’t smoke inside the house, just don’t do it. And yes, even when you will do it in secret, your host will definetly notice it.

3. adjust

Some Airbnb hosts leave their home for your stay, but some will be at home as well. This is clearly noted in the Airbnb ad. Adjust to the daily rythm of your host and don’t complain if he or she is an early bird and gets up early.

4. never ask if you can pay in cash

This is really a no go! Yes, Airbnb applies a fee, and yes, it would be cheaper and easier if you could just pay in cash. However, that fee is there for a reason. Airbnb indicates that this fee is there to provide financiel assurance and personal safety for both parties and should prevent scams.

5. Leave a review

Take the time to leave a review after your stay. Good reviews are everything on Airbnb! Did you enjoy your stay? Don’t forget to share this with potential guests. Your host will also like to hear if you liked his or her home and hospitality!

6. leave a present

Like a said, good reviews are everything on Airbnb! And you can rate your stay, but the other way around you can be rated as well. And of course you’ll score some points by showing extra effort. For example by leaving a present. Nothing big, just some small gesture. That way you’ll end your stay in a pleasant experience and that’s what counts!

What are your experience as an Airbnb guest? Let me know and leave a comment underneath this article or on social media!

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