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11 x things you didn’t know about Abel! & free taxi ride

11 August 2016

do you know abel? the new taxi service in amsterdam

If you’re like team Yourlbb and you’re on the road in Amsterdam a lot, you must have noticed that there are these light green cars with ABEL written on the side giving the city some colour. I have to be honest, the first time I saw an Abel car I was very curious what it was. So who or what is Abel? And why do we see Abel all over Amsterdam? We did some research and learned that Abel is a new taxi service in Amsterdam!

Tip: at the bottom of this blog we share a promo code for a free ride with Abel worth  € 10,-!


Abel offers a new style of taxi service where sharing is caring seems to be the motto. This very young company – they only exist six months now – wants to make traveling more social, fun and affordable. In this blog we share all the fun facts we discovered about Abel when we started using it!

11 x things you probably don’t know about Abel

1. Abel brings you from door to door. In the Amsterdam area and to and from Schiphol! Handy when you are like me and you travel a lot.

2.  With Abel you book a seat in one of the cars or the whole car for yourself. You can use the app for that and enter all your preferences when ordering your ride. If you book a seat you share your ride and you can have maximum of two other people joining you in the car. Sharing your car will lower the price of a ride and you are able to meet new people. If you book a car for yourself you can bring a maximum of three friends.

3. The cars of Abel are electric and therefore better for the environment!

4. Your price for a ride is calculated based on the distance, time of arrival and the amount of people sharing the car. Really nice because sharing your ride will make it much cheaper!

5. The name Abel comes from the famous Dutch book by Annie M.G. Schmidt about, Abeltje. A boy who used to work in an elevator. And taxi service Abel works just like that elevator: along the way people go in and out and sometimes the elevator is empty and sometimes packed with other people.

6. The roots of Abel are in Amsterdam! A true Amsterdam based start-up and of course we like that a lot!

7. During your ride with Abel you can see who’s joining you in the taxi. Handy, because what if it’s a super handsome lady or gent and you have a really great conversation. If you already know someone’s name tracing someone down is much more easier, right?

8. Because you’re sharing your taxi with Abel and because the cars are 100% electric you contribute to a CO2 free Amsterdam by 2025. So Abel takes you everywhere and you can feel guilt-free!

9. On Friday and Saturday Abel is on the road until 4 am in the morning.
So after a festival there’s no reason for you and your friends to search for your bike. Just jump in your Abel to go to the afterparty.

10. Of course in a mobile age Abel has this handy app you can use to book a ride! In this app you can order a taxi based on your preference and needs!

11. But what makes Abel the most fun (and we can second that for 100%) are the drivers. They are happy, interested in you and always have a nice story to share. You almost don’t want to leave the car!

Let’s bet that from now on you will see the Abel cars everywhere in Amsterdam!

Your first ride with Abel for free!

Specially for Your Little Black Book followers Abel gives away free rides to first time users.

Download the Abel app via their website, create a profile and add the promo code abel-ylbbamsterdam. You can oder a free ride worth €10,- (only for new users).

Use it when you go to De Parade with friends or to Ruigoord or Thuishaven for a festival this weekend!

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