A Beautiful Mess Amsterdam: come and eat in the laundry room of the Bijlmerbajes

a beautiful mess amsterdam

a beautiful mess: pop-up lunchrestaurant in the bijlmerbajes

Eating in the laundry room of the former Bijlmerbajes might not be on your bucket list, but it is very cool and especially unique as well. And guess what, that’s something you can do from now on! A new pop-up lunchrestaurant has opened: A Beautiful Mess Amsterdam. 4 days a week you can go here for a lunch and on Friday for mezze and BBQ as well. Think of shared dining with dishes made with fresh ingredients and flavours from the Middle East and Africa. Doesn’t that sound great?!

a beautiful mess amsterdam is for more than just good food

A Beautiful Mess Amsterdam isn’t only here so we can enjoy great dishes and flavours from the Middle East and Africa. The pop-up restaurant is also here to offer newcomers that live in the asylum center a job. A Beautiful Mess Amsterdam is founded by Refugee Company to help newcomers with the search for a job and to stimulate them to keep on improving their qualities. Every week, Refugee Company invites a company/restaurant which is looking for new staff, to prepare a good lunch together with refugees. So this is extra work experience for the refugees and who knows, maybe a new job too. Thumbs up!

We already know a few names of the companies and entrepreneurs that are helping with this projects. Think of Casper Reinders, Samuel Levie, but also the Stedelijk Museum, the Student Hotel and Pakhuis de Zwijger. Everyone helps in their own way. By offering training, but also by giving art or products. Such a good initiative. We’re excited!

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