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7 x signs you have extreme fomo while travelling

6 August 2016

and you have fomo as well, wanna bet? find out!

It’s the strongest on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights: FOMO, the fear of missing out. The feeling that comes whenever you decide to take it easy in the weekend and just stay at home. There’s nothing more annoying than when you lie on the couch and you see all those party pictures passing by on your timeline. Hmm, are you missing one of those big nights where your friends will talk about for years…? Oh no! Yet worse is the feeling of FOMO during your holiday. Then it becomes even stronger and stronger. Instead of reading that exciting book you want to get on the wifi as soon as possible to check what’s going on at the home front. Or even worse, you purchased extra data in advance to be sure that you’ll be connected all the time. Yes, that’s FOMO as well! Didn’t expect that, right? I mean, we tend to think that we’re not suffering from FOMO. But WE DO! This video of black Saturday illustrates the Dutch holiday behaviour from FOMO to other rituals in a hilarious way:

Instead of reading that exciting book you want to get on the wifi as soon as possible to check what’s going on back home.

PFJOEW! Luckily you won’t have to be afraid of missing out with the holiday packages of Tele2, because surfing on the web abroad does not have to be as expensive as you think it is. You can just admit to your FOMO. At least, if you have it and research shows that there’s a big chance you have.

fomo tele 2

7 x signs that you’re unconsciously suffering from fomo

1 >> You check your phone 24/7 >>
Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, you’re constantly refreshing your favourite social media channels. And can you not stop scrolling on Instagram until your last seen picture? Yup, that’s FOMO!

2 >> Besides your friends and family you also follow other media channels on social media >>
FOMO isn’t just about the fear of missing out in inner circles. It’s bigger than that. You want to know what’s going on in the world and stay up to date about everything. You follow the most important news sources, the biggest bloggers and the most popular celebrities of the moment. No way you miss the viral of the day!

3 >> Sitting on the couch makes you feel guilty >>
It may sound so chill, to spend a whole evening watching Netflix. But do you feel bored as well after binge watching three episodes of Stranger Things, Suits of Narcos? And are you not able to watch with a 100% attention?That’s fomo…

4 >> Your phone is filled with unused pictures >>
Be there or be square! And to show that you were there and your’re not missing out, you make photos of everything you do. Because hey, picture or it didn’t happen, right? Therefore the pictures of that piece of pie, the dog from the neighbours, that wonderful beach, you name it. Maybe they come in handy when you don’t have anything to post online ;-)

5 >> You postpone your to do’s>>
A report for work, paying that bill or doing the dishes. Before you start with your to do’s, you must’ve spend at least two hours on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Youjust  don’t want to think about your to do’s yet and just want to check your timeline ‘for 5 more minutes’. Well, we all know it’s never 5 minutes! The result? The dishes are piling up!

6 >> You can’t concentrate >>
Finally, you’re on holiday and now you can start reading that exciting book! Or not, because after 15 minutes the outside world starts itching again and you want to check what’s happening. The need to check your social media channels feels rather compulsive than relaxed.

7 >> Evening and morning rituals >>
“A little timeline checking just before bedtime”, who doesn’t do this? Or first thing in the morning, to grab your phone to check what you’ve been missing while sleeping. Don’t we all recognize this?

Do the test… are you also suffering from fomo?

And, do you have fomo? Don’t worry if yes, because we all have a little bit of fomo. Not because you must, but because you can! In times like these everybody is connected. And that’s why we have the golden tip for you: the holiday packages of Tele2! They give you the chance to use your phone abroad the same way as you do at home. That means that you won’t have to miss a thing and the costs stay the same. You have 1 GB for Europe for only €10,-. Goodbye high phone bill and FOMO, hello friends and family and enviable photos!

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