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6 favourite spots at Schiphol you should know about

24 September 2015

from rooftop terrace to food and shopping spree!

At least once a month you can find me at Schiphol. Regardless if I’m flying to Tel Aviv or New York, I always like to be there early. I hate hurrying and stressing when I’m travelling.  And what if things take long at customs for example. As soon as I’m past the passport control I get into my ritual of shopping and favourite places to go to.

I thought it would be nice to share this with you, because I can imagine you might have your own ritual at Schiphol! Tip for everyone who’s going on holiday soon: you can download a free € 5,- SeeBuyFly discount voucher here.


Skinny iced latte & sandwich BLT

Before I start shopping I score an iced latte and a sandwich BLT at Starbucks. Yes, one of those pre packed sandwiches to ‘eat on the go’.  My perfect breakfast. And to be honest I think they are pretty tasty. Everyone has their guilty pleasures at Schiphol, right? ;-)



perfumes, mascara & creams

When I’m in Amsterdam, I hardly have time to go shopping for make-up and a nice perfume. That’s why I pick my moments at Schiphol while I am there. I always try out new fragrances. While most of the time I walk out of the door with my classic favourite. Great, because it’s tax-free!


Fresh Juice in the parc

In every Lounge of Schiphol you can buy fresh juices. My favourite juice contains ginger and carrot! Whenever I depart from Lounge 1, I always make sure to go to the Parc terrace. There you can breathe in your last bit of fresh air before boarding. You can find this roof terrace on the second floor of Lounge 1. I only discovered it like half a year ago and always go there since! The nicest hotspots for fresh juices at Schiphol are the Dutch Kitchen (Lounge 2), BREAD! (Lounge 3), Urban Food Market (Lounge 4) and Juicy Details (Lounge 1 & 3).



reading material

I never get into the plane without taking some reading material with me from News & Books. Sometimes I buy a glossy magazine, other times a book. I really loved Rens Kroes her first cooking book so I can’t resist to buy her second book as well!



Suhsi & champagne

It always makes me happy to depart from Lounge 1. Another guilty pleasure when it comes to food at Schiphol is Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. So nice to start your trip with spicy tuna sushi and a glass of  champagne. Party! Saying this… it fits the goal, because to me travelling is one of the best things in the world!



soft spot for nail polish

You will hardly see me without wearing nail polish. It’s just such a part of me! Unfortunately I don’t always have enough time to make it look neat. The plane is ideal for that! I always buy my nail polish at MAC Cosmetics in Loungel 1. This nail polish is very reasonably priced and stays on perfectly during the city trip!


what else….

Next to these spots, there are a few more stores where I go to before take off. My lover, for example, bought himself a really cool board short at Fashion & Travel, last summer. I’m such a fool to leave the SD card of my camera at the kitchen table every now and then. So many times I had to quickly buy a new one at the Electronics store.

I’m really curious to hear about your favourite spots at Schiphol. Do you have a shopping ritual before you go to the gate to board the plane?

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Happy travels!

PS: whoever is wondering about the Lounges at Schiphol. Which one to use when. Read about it in my Schiphol guide. I only just found out about it and never really had a clue!

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